Trinity Seven Season 2

Trinity Seven (also referred to as Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-nin no more Masho Tsukai in Japanese) is a Japanese romantic comedy anime tv series that’s based on a manga series of identical titles. Composed by Kenji Saitou and exemplified by Akinari Nao, the manga series was first published on December 9, 2010. Four years after the first publication of this manga series Trinity Seven was chosen up to be made in an anime television series. After a brief production interval, Season 1 of Trinity Seven expired on October 8, 2014. Although Season 1 was followed by the release of an original video animation (OVA) particular episode and also two movies, fans of this series are still waiting for news on Season 2. While it had been reported that the next season had been verified, Trinity Seven Season 2 is yet to air for reasons unknown. Here’s what we understand about it so far.

When Will Season 2 Of ‘Trinity Seven’ Release?

As we know, the very first season premiered on October 8, 2014, and two films based on the series were also released on February 25, 2017, and March 29, 2019, respectively. It kind of elevated fans’ expectations for its second season, and shortly, during early 2019, it had been reported that the next installment is happening and would be premiering on April 11, 2019. However, the launch date has passed, and the next season has not premiered yet. The reason is unknown to the planet, but firmly believe that the second installment will come out this season, itself, or maybe in early 2022.

Trinity Seven Season 2

Trinity Seven Plot:

The storyline of Trinity Seven is a somewhat fantastical one and follows Arata Kasuga, a young boy who lives a seemingly normal life with his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri Kasuga. However, Arata’s normal life is completely turned on its head once the sun turns black and causes something called the Breakdown Phenomenon, which completely decimates the town and everyone within it. However, just before Hijiri’s death, she awakens a grimoire about Arata’s neck, along with the magic book manages to rescue Arata from being wiped out.

Following the Breakdown Phenomenon, Arata is left completely devastated, and he wants his life to return as it was. Unwittingly, Arata’s wish triggers the grimoire, which reconstructs the life he used to have and wipes off all of his painful memories about the Breakdown Phenomenon. At this point, a mysterious mage called Lilith Asami looks before Arata, and his artificially rebuilt world completely disintegrates in Lilith’s presence.

Together with Arata still reeling from shock, Lilith gives him two choices — either deliver the book to her or perish. But, Arata is prepared to do, and after some talk with Lilith, he decides to take a third choice, which is to enroll in a top-secret magic school called Royal Biblia Academy, at which six other bewitching students are anticipating his arrival. Together with Lilith, the six students from the Trinity Seven, the elite mages of their faculty who have their unique powers and skills.

As Arata trains himself in the field of magic and learns to learn many abilities, he sets his sights on averting the devastation of his hometown and his loved ones with the assistance of his newfound friends.