It seems that it was yesterday when the first internet modems began on the Spanish network to channel data with their unmistakable sound on each connection. It was the end of the 90s and it was almost impossible to think that this traffic reached record figures today. Data such as 1Tb / sec, recorded a few days ago in Spain, after almost three decades of exponential growth.

The person responsible for this technological milestone is the neutral node ESpanix. A meeting point for all connections through operators and digital service providers beyond their internal movements. It is the door through which each company gives access to its clients, to Netflix content, or through which clients upload Microsoft or Google files to the cloud.

The ESpanix node is also the oldest and largest node in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in the world. The figure of 1Tb / sec switched in peak demonstrates the capacity of this infrastructure, clearly Spanish, to manage traffic at the level of the largest facilities on the planet. But perhaps, it has been especially since the beginning of the pandemic, when its technical capacity has been most tested.

“We have supported spectacular growth and we can absorb three times more traffic if needed, thanks to our engineering team located in Spain and our infrastructure. We have to thank the members of the Board of ESpanix, as well as all operators “, highlights the director of the ESpanix Node, Pedro Sáinz Cristóbal.

According to the association, since the beginning of the confinement, the traffic has risen upwards, doubling its movements in a very short period and unprecedented to date. The ESpanix neutral node went from 450 Gb / sec to the 1Tb / sec mentioned above.
The robustness of the ESpanix neutral node has passed an authentic litmus test in service in recent months, with maximum quality and efficiency results compared to those experienced in other markets by other European nodes.

The Spanish operators represented in the association trust the neutral node ESpanix, which has faced exponential growth in this pandemic situation, with exceptional security thanks to its double network structure against failures unique in Spain”, according to the manager of the Association of internet operators Espanix, Cristobal Lopez Cars.
In Spain and Portugal, there has not been the saturation of the networks at any time, thanks to the network capacity available in Espanix and the agility in responding to the service requests of the operators, which has meant that it has not been necessary to reduce the quality of both business and domestic services.

Hispanic has equipment in the highest-level homologated data centers such as Espanix Data Center, Interxion, Equinix, and Colt Datacenter, a fiber network that links all the Datacenter in Madrid, with a network structure duplicated in all its sections.