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A penny crypto is a digital token that trades for below $1. A few investors get allured to penny cryptos not only for their lower price but for the growth prospect on offer. Let’s check the 10 best penny cryptocurrencies to buy today.

1. Meta Masters Guild

MEMAG is an ERC-20 token and the local digital currency of the Meta Experts Society – an impending web3 gaming environment. This crypto project is building a stage that will include a great many games planned essentially for cell phone clients.

Moreover, to boost its clients, Meta Experts Society likewise gains from the play-to-acquire system. Meaning financial backers will want to gather crypto prizes by playing the games accessible on Meta Bosses Organization. On top of this, players can likewise possess their in-game resources. To have a better idea of Bitcoin trading, you must check Bitsoft 360.

2. Fight Out 

It is a new crypto project that plans to improve the wellness application industry. The task has made a transition to-procure application, complete with customized exercise plans and on-request instructional courses. This application will likewise permit its clients to screen their wellness process and monitor their advancement. Its remunerations clients with REPS tokens for finishing wellness exercises utilizing the application. Be that as it may, the fundamental in-application money of the Battle Out environment is another token named FGHT. 

3. C+Charge 

It has set out to revolutionize the EV charging payments industry with the use of blockchain technology. To achieve such a mission, this project started developing one comprehensive ecosystem. It got powered by the native token named CCHG. This project has been designed as one intuitive app that will let investors to make payments for charges of EV through CCHG tokens.

4. RobotEra 

RobotEra is planning a metaverse gaming stage that incorporates NFTs and P2E mechanics. With RobotEra, financial backers will want to possess virtual parcels and make their gaming encounters. Also, all in-game resources in the RobotEra metaverse will be accessible as special NFTs on the blockchain.

5. Calvaria

Calvaria is one more rising crypto project that worked around the play-to-procure idea. A round of methodology is played utilizing cards – which are planned as NFTs. Players will go up against one another by gathering the fittest cards with regards to characteristics, as well as giving them decisively.

6. Lucky Block 

Next up on this rundown of the best crypto under $1 to purchase right currently is LBLOCK. This is the local penny cryptographic money of the Lucky Block environment – which spends significant time in blockchain gaming administrations.

The eagerly awaited send-off of this crypto club in late 2022 has not frustrated with rushes of new player accounts being opened every single day. One of the primary attractions is that, not normal for the conventional club, Lucky Block doesn’t ask players for any private data while joining.

7. Basic Attention Token 

BAT is a computerized symbol that is utilized to pay for administrations and prizes on the Daring program. For those ignorant, Bold is an open-source program that blocks promotions and trackers, expanding protection and security for clients. As per Fearless, the program passed the achievement of 50 million month-to-month dynamic clients in 2022.

8. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a decentralized, open-source digital currency that has acquired enormous notoriety in the market over the earlier two or three years. As of composing, Dogecoin is valued at around $0.08 and hence has a low hindrance to section.

9. Tron 

Tron is a remarkable new blockchain-based stage that intends to change media outlets. It tries to make a worldwide free satisfied theatre setup through blockchain and circulated capacity innovation.

10. is a blockchain stage that means to make a decentralized computerized economy using independent specialists. These specialists are advanced elements that can perform errands and go with choices all alone. By joining brilliant agreements and independent specialists to assemble shared applications, eliminates the dependence on go-betweens, in this manner decreasing expenses.


If you are interested in buying cryptocurrency under a penny, check out this research. MEMAG is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies to buy this year. It is the native token of the Meta Masters Guild. It is the first mobile-focused web3 gaming ecosystem in the world. This crypto is priced at only $0.016. This MEMAG presale presents one chance for investors to purchase this token at a much-discounted price before it starts trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.