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Italy attracts with its ancient architecture, fantastic nature, and delicious cuisine. The country appeals not only to tourists but also to investors who want new opportunities. The Golden Visa residency program contributes to this. The investor and his family receive a package of benefits available to locals for contributing to the country’s development. In addition, the program opens the door to obtaining a second citizenship, an undeniable advantage of Italy’s golden visa.

Access to the Schengen Area

Citizens who have invested 200,000 euros in the Golden visas program can travel freely in the Schengen area. The European passport is one of the most influential documents and ranks third in visa-free travel in 189 countries. It means that living in Italy, you can freely visit other countries to study, work and do business. It is also an excellent opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of different nations while traveling visa-free.

Improved Job Opportunities

The country is quite developed in various directions. It allows you to obtain a good, high-paying job in your specialty. The economy of Italy ranks third, which helps the state to invest in improving the level of its citizens by providing quality jobs with decent wages. The large number of vacancies attracts more and more foreigners every year. However, these are not all the pros of Italy residence by investment.

Business Opportunities

The country’s authorities have developed reforms that create favorable conditions for start-ups. Over the past few years, the labor code has been revised, a loyal taxation system has been established, and special centers have been created which attract foreign business people. In addition, there are new financial instruments for real estate transactions.

Cultural and Lifestyle Benefits

Italian cities established more than 2 thousand years ago have a vast cultural heritage. Art, music, unique ancient infrastructure, and gastronomic traditions create an excellent quality of life for all who prefer Italy. As a specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach notes it is one of the most popular tourist destinations, where many foreigners come every year to explore the state’s sights. The quality of products made in the country has a high value around the world.

Education Opportunities

Italy Golden Visa program opens up opportunities to study at universities in the country and abroad. Moreover, the European diploma is recognized in a large list of countries. It is considered prestigious so that the student can find a decent, well-paid job in Italy, the U.S., and other EU countries.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Golden Visa program does not provide for investments in real estate. However, if you decide to do it separately, it can be a great investment, as Italy offers loyal prices compared to other European countries. Furthermore, since real estate in the state is in demand, you can invest in housing and get passive income from it. These are not insignificant Italy golden visa benefits.

Tax Benefits

Having received a residence permit in Italy, you can apply for one of the tax benefits. Fixed taxation is suitable for wealthy people. All income you receive in Italy will gradually impose a tax on it. This option is available for 15 years.

The second benefit is a tax regime, which will be suitable for people of retirement age, salaried employees, and self-employed people.


Italy has many advantages and sights that attract investors from all over the world. Loyal visa conditions, a suitable climate for doing business, and high living standards – these and many other factors lure investors to the country, opening up significant opportunities. The program offers prospects not only for investors but also for their families. Quality medical care, training, and much more are also available.

If you decide to issue all the necessary documents for living in the country, you should turn to professionals for help. Experienced employees always know what to pay attention to, and what difficulties may arise. Therefore, they quickly solve the task. You can be 100% sure of an excellent result. In addition, all issues are resolved as quickly as possible.