Currently Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is a high school boy who has had to face great villains and who has fought alongside the Avengers on Earth and in space. But the next trilogy that they are preparing we will see his university years and according to the new information his life will take increasingly dark turns, but we will also get to see him with the black suit of the symbiote. Although for now it is not clear that it is the same Venom of Eddie Brock ( Tom Hardy ) .

Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 252 in early 1984, this amazing makeover came with Spider-Man joining the Venom symbiote . At first he gave him extraordinary powers, little by little he corrupted him, until he got rid of him and after that they became great enemies.

In the first Spider-Man trilogy , director Sam Raimi introduced the black suit in the third installment. Although this film was not as well received as the previous two. The movie studios imposed Venom’s arrival and his hasty inclusion, not to mention Topher Grace’s poor performance , was a disappointment to fans.

Now they have rebooted Eddie Brock and Venom , but for now they are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although that could change their use of the “multiverse” . That is why Spider-Man 4’s plans include the great hero wearing the black suit. Where we will see a much more mature Peter Parker in his university stage. He will have experienced tremendous loss, although he will remain a positive figure with a sarcastic sense of humor. So you will have matured and the situations you will find yourself in will be of a deeper nature. The symbiote’s black suit will reflect that.