Tokyo Olympics

The Indian women’s hockey team continues its disappointing performance in the Tokyo Olympics. Today, Team India was defeated by Britain 4-1 in the third match. This is the third consecutive defeat of the Indian women’s hockey team in the Olympics.

India had a disappointing start on the sixth day of the Tokyo Olympics. UK women’s team defeated Indian women’s team 4-1 in hockey. In this match, Team India did not appear in the rhythm and the British team dominated the entire match. This is the third consecutive defeat for the Indian women’s hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics. The Indian women’s hockey team has so far been disappointed in the Tokyo Olympics.

The British women’s hockey team performed well in the match played between India and Britain. Hannah Martin scored for Britain in the second minute to give the team the lead. During this, Britain got a penalty corner in the 10th minute of the first quarter, which the team could not take advantage of. At the same time, in the 12th minute also, India got a penalty corner but Team India also could not capitalize on this opportunity.


After this, the British team built good coordination with the diagonal cross in the second quarter. But Savita saved the goal. The danger was not over and Hannah Martin scored another goal in the 19th minute to put Britain 2-0 ahead. However, during this time the Indian team retaliated. Britain’s lead was cut short by Sharmila Devi scoring in the 23rd minute.

Tokyo Olympics

During this, the Indian women’s hockey team was constantly lagging. For Britain, Lille Oslo scored in the 42nd minute to extend the team’s lead to 3-1. Although the Indian team tried to make a comeback several times during the match but failed. In the 57th minute, Grace Balsden scored a goal to cement Britain’s victory. In this way, the British team trampled India 4-1 in this match.

Talking about the journey of the Indian women’s hockey team in the Tokyo Olympics, it has had a poor performance so far. The women’s team was defeated by the Netherlands 5–1 in the first match. After that, the German team defeated him 2-0. Whereas in the third match, Great Britain beat the Indian women’s hockey team 4-1. Overall, this is India’s third consecutive defeat in women’s hockey at the Tokyo Olympics.