Taking the values ​​of rugby as a flag international Thierry Futeu and the Wiss the Mama join forces in a Cameroonian project to make a donation of sports equipment to their land. Without hesitating for a second after Titi’s proposal the Wiss the Mama got down to work. As Carlos Velasco one of the founders of the club explains to MARCA for Wiss it is an obligation to help and participate in solidarity actions.

This year as we are unable to organize any activity with our friends from the APAMA foundation or to physically collaborate with the food banks we saw a great opportunity in helping the production of this material for school children in Cameroon. we can not wait to see the smiling faces of everyone when they receive so many balls hand Marmoset”.

A child’s dream date the beginnings of Titi’s journey in the adventure that has taken him to France it is necessary to travel back in time to 2013. According to the Spanish international today in 2013 I decided to leave my country for a friend who commented that he was playing rugby in Morocco and that he was making some money. With another colleague, we decided to try our luck there. I told my father that we were going to play a rugby tournament in another city in order to leave home.

we were about to arrive he explained to me that he was not playing rugby that he was trying to enter Europe. When I arrived in Morocco they took me to the border, Mount Gurugu. At night he pointed to the light and said Look what shines a lot is Melilla it’s Spain. You just have to cross the fences and you are in Spain. In addition, Titi affirms I surprised, asked him to see what they were doing in the forest if there was only to cross a fence, and he told me:  There are police and there as easy as you think.

I managed to jump the fence on the third try. At the reach of Spain, Titi explains that “we went to the field of immigrants in Melilla and we were there a couple of months. The first thing they do is ask your name country of origin the reasons why you decided you leave your country. .. later they take you to the doctor and they begin to teach you Spanish.

In addition to the help of the Wiss, the Spanish international has the support of the Spanish Federation. They have given me 5 boxes of material balls and bibs. But the Cameroonian goes further. I also have other things that I have been buying such as shoes or clothes to donate to the orphan centers.”The endorsement of the WissTiti one of the Wiss with the most tournaments played explains how his arrival in the team was forged.

It was in Noja’s tournament. I played with the university team and my friends told me this is the best team in Spain beach. If you play a good game against them, the players will tell their coaches about you. Then I spoke with the Wiss and I am lucky to be one of the team. “The Wiss always embody the values of rugby and with Titi it was no different. When I went with the Wiss I still had no money and the Wiss paid me everything the trip the hotel the food. A unique team with a motto in mind once you are a Wiss you are a Wiss forever.