Titans Season 3

The trailer for DC’s Titans season 3 has been released. It shows what is happening in Gotham, and who the team will be facing this season.

The Titans are moving their operations from San Francisco, California to Gotham to focus on Batman this season.

We see Jason Todd (aka Robin) being declared dead on a newscast. Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), is asked to take over the baton from Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen), who has just begun his career as Nightwing.

There are a few new faces in the trailer, but Scarecrow is the big name.

Scarecrow was the alias of Dr. Jonathan Crane, Vincent Kartheiser’s iconic villain of Batman legend. Cillian Murphy played Scarecrow as a secondary character in Batman Begins.

We see him now in Arkham Asylum. He becomes a consultant for the Titans to find the identity and motivations of the real villain in the series, the Red Hood.

Titans Season 3

Jason stumbles upon a Joker-themed theme park, where he finds a dead security guard. He is then forced to smile like the Joker, and he becomes a victim to the villain.

Jason is seen getting beat with a barbell by a shadowy figure, much like the comic books. In the comics, Jason is given the Red Hood as his mantle has already confirmed it’s him hiding under the mask.

Although we don’t see Joker in this trailer, no actor was mentioned to be playing the role. We do get a glimpse at new faces. Savannah Welch portrays Barbara Gordon (or Commissioner Gordon) as her dad, who is now the head of the Gotham City Police Department.

Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo), a new addition to both the show and the team, will eventually assume the Robin mantle. We also see Starfire’s (Anna Diop), a new official superhero suit.

There’s a lot of excitement in the new season Titans. We can’t believe it is coming out.

Titans season 3 will premiere on HBO Max, the US, on August 12, 2012. The UK streams the show on Netflix. No release date has been announced for season 3.

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