Titans Season 3

Gotham City is going to be a significant character in the Titans season 3, according to the series’ showrunner. The upcoming season – the show’s very first to premiere on HBO Max – will see Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites), Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Teagan Croft), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and the rest of the crew journeying back to Gotham within their continuing fight against crime. Titans season 3 is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max on August 12.

Throughout its first two seasons, Titans has spent most of its time in real-world places like San Francisco and Detroit. The story mostly concentrates on heroes who’ve either fallen out of grace or abandoned their lives behind, though they all eventually go back to action after reuniting with one another. The specters of Batman and Gotham for a whole have always loomed in the history of the series, however. In season 3, the crew will finally be spending some substantial time there.

Titans Season 3

According to Titans showrunner Greg Walker, Gotham is going to be a whole lot more than only a place in season 3. Walker described Gotham as being one of the core characters of season 3, suggesting that a good deal of old Batman lore could be coming back into the surface of the story. Walker’s remarks also indicate an interest in mining the location up to Titans did using the show’s time at the above cities such as San Francisco and Detroit, each of which have their unique characteristics. “In our story by Dick returning to Gotham – and Gotham is a huge personality this season – it’s about sons and daughters, [and] stepping into the shadow of your parents,” Walker said.

The return to Gotham sets up a ton of possibilities for Titans, both to the present characters and the many traditional Batman heroes and villains who may appear. Scarecrow is already verified to be a key villain in season 3, played with Mad Men alum Vincent Kartheiser, and GCPD commissioner Barbara Gordon may even join the major cast, played by Savannah Welch. The Titans season 3 trailer has also teased the yield of the Joker, which could be especially intriguing given Jason Todd/Red Hood’s role in the series.

From the season 3 trailer, Dick is observed describing Gotham in grim terms. “This town strains a special class of criminals,” People like us.” Nightwing’s return means that he’ll need to grapple with his relationship with Bruce Wayne in addition to his battles against the villains of town. Titans hasn’t shying away from diving deep into the traumas and concealed psyches of its personalities, and that tendency seems like it is going to continue in a big way when the gang reaches Gotham. Titans season 3 premieres on HBO Max on August 12.