This Is Us Season 6

Mandy Moore revealed she is prepared to shout as This Is Us comes to a close with its sixth and final season. The actress is returning to play with Pearson family matriarch Rebecca for the very last episodes ahead of the acclaimed NBC play closes its book. Moore has spent the greater part of five years translating the show’s highly emotional storylines, which have left a significant impression on audiences. Since That is Us premiered in 2016, it’s been known for becoming a poignant and upsetting series.

That is Us season 6 should not be any different, as it promises to become a tear-jerking conclusion. The series has told the story of this Pearson clan from childhood through to adulthood by balancing precariously on the emotional edge of tv through the usage of That is Us’ flashbacks, flash-forwards, and present-day landscapes. Rebecca’s landmark moments throughout five seasons have included the departure of her husband, family patriarch Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), the birth of a grandchild with a disability, both the bodily and mental abuse of Rebecca’s only daughter Kate (Chrissy Metz) via a teenaged boyfriend, the addictions endured by son Kevin (Justin Hartley) along with the crippling anxiety suffered by overachieving son Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

This Is Us Season 6

Moore talked about what she expects as the new season starts and progresses, and how She’ll deal with these emotions moving ahead:

“I’m getting ready for what Dan has told me is going to be a really challenging year. I’m going to have to save all my tears, calibrate all my adrenals, get myself into a stable place before all of that gets wrecked and ruined!”

Moore’s portrayal of This Is Us’ Rebecca has been tremendously emotional, particularly throughout the series’ past two seasons because the character was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Back in flash-forward scenes, Rebecca will suffer at its hands and will close This is Us as an older, bedridden lady in a cottage built from her late husband Jack’s layout by her son Kevin. Moore is thankful for the chance to make this challenging and very real story to life, however, it appears she is unprepared to deal with the psychological effects this storyline will bring to her on an individual level.

The series will probably come to its resolution from the time the That Is Us series finale airs in the spring of 2022. Whether fans are satisfied with the results of the many unanswered This is Us questions that encircle the lives of their Pearson clan remains to be seen. Moore’s poignant portrayal of Rebecca will only deepen as she faces exhaustion from having tragically lost a spouse, concealing family secrets, and fighting through difficult relationships with her children. The very best, for this tragic personality, remains still to come.