All tennis players have already reached the two bubbles that Tennis Australia has arranged in Melbourne, for the majority, and in Adelaide, for Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Simona Halep, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, and their respective teams and companions. Racquet professionals, mostly from Abu Dhabi, have found a private terminal on their landing in the capital of Victoria, which will host much of the tour with the Australian Open as the star tournament. Parking for private jets has been enabled for entry into the country.

In this way, contact with people outside tennis and the strict bubble that has been set up to minimize the risk of contagion was avoided. Those present have described it as something futuristic. Suddenly, and still affected by the many hours of flight despite having traveled with five seats per passenger, they have been surrounded by a group of people protected with PPE who indicated the way out of the double-decker buses,

Type London prepared and in which distancing was guaranteed. Each one went to the official hotels: Grand Hyatt, Pullman, and the View. Depending on the accommodation, they train in one space or another. Those of the Hyatt, for example, will exercise during the quarantine in Melbourne Park, those of the Pullman in the National Tennis Center, and those of the View in the Albert Reserve. Upon arrival at the hotel,

The players did not have to check-in and were given the key to the rooms, all of them individually. Once the luggage had been unpacked, the health units entered one by one to perform the corresponding PCR test on the participants and their teams. At the conclusion of the protocol, tennis players must stay in their rooms for a full day.

Which will be the first they spend in Australia, regardless of whether they already have a negative result. Only from the second day can they go to train on the tracks of Melbourne Park. They are free to order food from the hotel restaurants or any other restaurant as long as it has home delivery. In that case, it is the same staff of the residence who is in charge of delivering it to the tennis players on their premises.