Since most online betting operators have access to the most advanced technology in the iGaming industry, they allow their clients to access them using all sorts of things. In addition to the desktop and mobile site, there are online bookies and casinos that offer a fully-fledged mobile app. Speaking of the devil, the Melbet mobile application is accessible on iOS and Android, and it lets users avail themselves of all sorts of betting options. As we are about to see in this article, the app is on another level.

Even though most online bookies and casinos do not invest in their apps, MelBet is different. This brand has been around for many years, and it wanted to make sure it could satisfy even the pickiest online punter. There are a lot of interesting facts about the app, which is why this article will walk you through everything you have to know about it.

You can get the app in the form of an APK file

More people worldwide use Android than iOS, which is why Melbet provides a stand-alone application for this mobile OS. Usually, people have to go to Google Play to download and install their preferred app. Although you may come across specific betting apps there, you won’t find MELbet’s version.

Since the company failed to adhere to all of the gambling regulations from Google, it decided that there was no need to upload its product on Google Play. Instead, the company offers its app as an apk file. The latter is available on Melbet’s website, and people can download it in a matter of seconds.

Aside from using the company’s mobile site to get it, you can also do that via your desktop. Instead of downloading the file, you have to enter your phone number. This will allow Melbet to send you a link that you have to click to download the apk file.

What should you do with the apk file?

Downloading the apk file is easy, but installing it may require you to complete a couple of steps. The most important one is to go to your phone’s settings and change the option that will allow you to complete the installation of files from unknown sources. This feature is disabled for security reasons, but you can trust Melbet and its apk file because this is one of the most reputable online betting operators.

Installing the file itself does not take long, even if your device does not have the best specs. After all, the app is just a couple of MBs, so you should be able to download and install it within seconds.

Melbet also has an app for iOS

Even though the majority of online bettors around the world use Android, MelBet also has a stand-alone application for iOS. Hence, iPhone users can have a desktop-like betting experience no matter where they go.

Speaking of the iOS betting app, there is no need to get any apk files here. Melbet’s app can be found on the App Store, you just have to go there and find it. With that being said, people who reside in some countries might have to complete a few additional steps before they can use it.

Depending on the situation, you may have to change specific settings on your device. Usually, you should open the tab, followed by “General “ and then “Device Management”. Once you select the Enterprise App, use “Kontrast” OOO and select verify. This should allow you to use MELbet’s services no matter where you go.

Even the app won’t let you use any mobile bonus

Although online betting websites offer different kinds of bonuses, if you look at most of them, you will see that they seem similar. Of course, some rewards are not as common as others, and one of them is mobile promotion.

Even though Melbet offers an app for the world’s leading mobile operating system, the operator does not provide users with a stand-alone mobile promotion. Instead, it allows them to use every desktop offer on the go.

It doesn’t matter whether you like casino games or sports because Melbet will let you take advantage of everything it offers.

You can access most of Melbet’s betting categories

Most online betting operators are famous for different things, but when it comes down to MELbet, the site is notorious for offering some of the best online casinos and sportsbooks. If you like sports, you can expect to find various options to bet on. Aside from the popular sports, MElbet also rewards its mobile customers with several other alternatives.

As for the casino section, this is one of the places where you can come across thousands of games. Whether you like games with real croupiers or standard casino titles, you can access both from the palm of your hands. Needless to say, they also offer a lot of bonuses, and some titles even have the demo feature.

Is there an alternative to Melbet’s mobile app?

Yes, there is an alternative to Melbet’s mobile app because the company also offers a stand-alone mobile site. It may not seem as fancy or full of features as the app, but in reality, it offers the same thing. In fact, many online bettors prefer the website because they do not need to download and install any additional options.

Unsurprisingly, people also don’t have to update the mobile site or comply with the minimum version of their mobile OS to use it. After registering, mobile bettors can access everything available on Melbet’s desktop website in seconds.

Regardless of which mobile product you’re using, you can make deposits and withdrawals

The last important thing we’d like to point out about Melbet’s app and mobile website is that both things will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals. Luckily, this online betting operator has one of the most advanced payment sections that will let you choose from the hottest options in the business. They are safe to use and provide users with plenty of options to make a secure transaction.