CNBC found that one in ten Americans invests in cryptocurrencies. The remaining 35% prefer to invest in funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Moreover, 57% of investors are engaged in trading through special mobile apps. They consider such software to be a convenient and easy way to play on the cryptocurrency exchange. The Damgun crypto trading app is one of the reliable and safe assistants in matters of passive income. We tell you why everyone who wants to become a successful trader should have this app.

Damgun: easy and fast start for new traders

The Damgun crypto app is a joint project of a Cypriot fintech company and a European developer aimed at new investors from all over the world. To start earning on the exchange, it is enough to register on the platform and follow the profiles of experienced traders. By imitating competent investors, beginners learn how to manage a portfolio and create a trading strategy.

The platform has functions for automating trading operations with cryptocurrency. The Damgun app is connected to promotions via API, and all procedures are performed there.

Beginning crypto traders can distribute their deposits among several experienced traders they are subscribed to. When they feel that a trader is making a risky bet and there is a high probability of losing money, they resort to a stop-loss. By comparing the investment strategies of several traders, users gradually improve theirs.


Damgun cryptocurrency trading app: the power is in details

Damgun gives a visual representation of all the actions of a beginning trader in the form of a chronology of activities and their results. A user evaluates the effectiveness of recent operations through a dashboard presented as performance charts. This panel displays portfolio distribution statistics: information about the cryptocurrencies that the user trades.

Trader data and recent results are displayed on a separate page that is updated regularly. If you need to see the best exchange players for the current day, week, month, or quarter, you can open a separate section with a rating chart.

Cryptocurrency transactions are carried out through Binance, one of the largest exchanges in the world. Users are identified through the Basic ID model and passport data and photographs verification. The Trustology API is responsible for the safety and protection of digital money in the wallet.


Even more benefits of Damgun

Damgun crypto app is a convenient way to invest in digital currency. Users don’t have to worry about protecting their money: the platform works according to global security standards (KYC, fraud prevention, AML, and GDPR).

In addition to the fact that beginners quickly learn to trade in practice, they start to receive the first income with the same ease and speed. Earned money can be sent to anyone in any country in the world. You can also withdraw funds to selected exchanges.


The operations performed are saved in the chronicle, and according to the Loss-Profit chart, users evaluate the effectiveness of their actions. Transaction history is easily exported to a CSV file. Subscribers can use the platform anonymously.


The Damgun financial software development is one of the best assistants for beginning investors. Learning from the example of experienced exchange players, new users gradually build their investment strategies. By analyzing the number and success of the operations performed, they understand under what conditions they should invest in getting the maximum benefit. More than 11 thousand people have already earned their first digital money with the Damgun platform and continue to improve their trading skills.