person holding using iPhone X

With the invention of smartphones came a lot of new opportunities and shortcuts.

We already know that we can play games, listen to music, tweet, and use Facebook, but some of us may not know some of these intriguing activities we can indulge in through our mobile browsers.

Play At An Online Casino

There’s no denying that as more and more individuals play on their smartphones and tablets, mobile casino games are growing in popularity. However, this rise in popularity has led to more people asking about security and safety.

Thankfully, the majority of safe online casinos in nz and website games on mobile are just as risk-free and secure as those on desktop. You can be confident that your data is protected because the same encryption technology is used to safeguard both your personal and financial data.

Of course, there will always be certain hazards associated with any online activity. Still, as long as you exercise some common sense and caution, you should have no trouble enjoying your mobile casino experience. Never provide your financial information to anyone and only play at recognized websites. If somebody from the website requests your personal information, it can be a hoax. Whenever you need assistance, get in touch with customer service.

Text To Speech

If you can’t read or have vision problems, the text-to-speech feature can be very helpful. To access, tap Settings > Accessibility on your phone & turn on text-to-speech output. If you don’t see this feature, you can download the app from the store. B. Pocket for Android, SpeakEasy, etc.

Mirror your screen onto another display

We know you want to stream Whizkid’s No Stress on your phone, but something’s missing & you need a bigger screen.

If you have a TV or external monitor, you can cast videos, photos, documents & even games from your phone to the big screen.

There are many ways to do this on your Android smartphone. You can use a USB cable, HDMI adapter, or Chromecast media device. This works on both Android & iOS.

Wireless options are also available. Some smartphones have a cast or wireless display as a built-in feature. For example, iOS phones have AirPlay functionality & can connect to supported TVs. Some Android phones also offer this option in the display or connection settings.

Built-in Compass

The world can be a strange yet hazardous place – especially when you don’t know where you are. You can endanger yourself by asking random people for directions.

Sometimes there is no one to ask questions at all. So how do you navigate these situations?

A smartphone can be a handy survival tool if you get lost. Most of them come with a compass feature that shows you where you are & the direction your phone is pointing. You can also download third-party compass & map applications. Google Maps works on many platforms, including iPhones.

Your smartphone can now ping specific emergency numbers for their last known location & a few other details. However, the activation process varies by phone.

Pre-set text message shortcuts

If you want to save a lot of typing time, try creating text replacement shortcuts on your phone, On your iPhone, go to Settings, click Keyboard, & click Replace Text. Pressing the plus icon in the upper right corner will prompt you to add a phrase using abbreviations or emojis. From now on, when you type these letters or symbols, the searched word will appear.

Other Things You Can Do

Scanning Documents

Open the Notes application, tap the icon in the lower right corner, tap the camera at the bottom of the screen, & select “Scan Place” the document in the camera’s field of view If your device is in automatic mode, your documents will be scanned automatically. To manually capture a scan, tap the shutter button or volume button To adjust the margins of your scan, drag the corners of your document, then tap Hold Scan or Done.

On newer Samsung Galaxy phones, open the camera app & center the document you want to scan in the viewfinder. A yellow frame appears around the document & the tap to Scan button appears. After tapping this button, you can adjust the scan area by dragging the corners, Tap save if everything looks good, otherwise tap Retry

Measuring using LiDAR

Open the augmented reality measurement app. Tap the measure icon at the bottom of the screen Point your phone’s camera at the object you want to measure & align the circled point on the screen with the starting point. Tap the + (plus) button, Move your phone to the end of the measurement & tap + again The app also includes a level feature.

Using an e-Wallet

With the Apple Wallet app, you can add boarding passes, movie tickets, reward cards, & soon a digital driver’s license to the mix using Apple Pay & digital credit & debit cards. First, enter one or more cards. At a store, hold your phone up to the payment terminal, & double-tap the side button to authenticate with Face ID on iPhones, or tap the Touch ID button on models without Face ID. When the transaction is complete, you’ll see a circled check mark & the word Done.


If you’re like the majority of people, you probably don’t have enough time to read all the fascinating items you come across every day. If you started reading on your commute, you might be able to finish some of them. While lying around or reading books can be quite soothing, these activities aren’t necessarily the most efficient use of your time. Finding the right program website for you will depend on how many of them offer desktop and mobile syncing.

Calculating your steps with a Pedometer

The pedometer is built into the Health app on your iPhone. It automatically counts your steps while your phone is in your pocket, hand, & arm. To see how far you’ve walked, click the Health app, click Edit, make sure Steps is turned on, & walk with your phone.

That Being Said

These smartphone activities without the need to download any apps are great, aren’t they?

Of course, they are! You can continually switch them up to prevent boredom and the options are abundant.