Just recently, melty’s editorial revealed to you how Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky had spent their very first Christmas together in Barbados, where the 32-year-old singer is from. In a relationship for a few weeks, the two artists already seem very much in love and no longer hesitate to display their obvious complicity, something to delight fans who so hoped to see their idol happy again in the arms of a man. It’s now done and the two lovebirds already form one of the most fashionable duos on the planet people. Closer than ever, these new photos prove to what extent they are fulfilled.

As you can see from these many snaps shared by the Daily Mail, Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky exude bliss and continue to enjoy their Barbados holiday season as it should be. Between a boat trip, a towed buoy, or even a jet ski on the program, everything seems to be going for the best. People on-site even had the chance to attend a kiss and a hugging session. If the start of 2020 had not been tender for the young woman who had separated from Hassan Jameel after three years of love, it could not have ended better. While waiting for other complicit moments, here is why the relationship between Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky is different.