You can find all sorts of online betting operators, most of which give their users access to special features and unique betting categories. However, some companies know that there are a couple of other important things. That’s the reason why the Stake casino mobile app is for everyone who likes having access to the best online casino from the palm of their hands. This cryptocurrency betting operator may not have the experience of other brands, but it quickly rose to the top due to its high-quality products.

Speaking of the devil, this article will be devoted to some of the things you can expect to find while using Stake’s mobile app. Many bettors think this company will be like every other iGaming operator, and there are a lot of similarities because Stake has not invented the wheel. However, there are also loads of unique things that make this brand stand out.

You can play casino games using cryptocurrencies

Like most popular online betting platforms, Stake offers a couple of categories to its users. Since the company does not have a separate app for Android and iOS, those who want to use what it offers on the go will need to open the mobile site. Alternatively, people can also create a web application using their browser’s settings.

Regardless of the variation you go for, Stake will allow you to play different kinds of casino games. Once you open the operator’s casino section, you will see a variety of ongoing bonuses. Before we share more information about them, we’d like to point out that Stake also has plenty of games.

Like most other online casinos, the titles here are split into two sections. Aside from the one called “Stake Originals”, where you can find exclusive in-house developed titles, you can also choose from features like Featured Slots, Game Shows, and Live Casinos.

It may seem like Stake does not offer games developed by third-party software suppliers, but in reality, this is not the case. Whether you use the company’s mobile site or the web app, you can find brands like Play’N GO, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and more.

Regardless of the casino game you want to focus on, Stake will let you play using the world’s leading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two options that most people go for. However, this operator also provides several other alternatives like Litecoin and Tron.

Although digital currencies are volatile and some people prefer not to use them, they have a lot of advantages for online betting. Besides offering safe and secure transactions, these payment solutions can multiply peoples’ earnings as long as their price increases.

The casino bonuses available to desktop punters are also accessible to mobile bettors

In addition to the betting operator’s casino games, the company also offers plenty of promotions. Nowadays, iGaming brands have to offer different bonuses if they want to succeed because those things allow them to promote their services.

Speaking of bonuses, Stake’s casino app will let gamblers access every bonus they offer. Even though the operator may not have a separate file for Android and iOS, the developers made sure that mobile clients can use the same things as those who use Stake’s desktop platform.

Before you decide to check what’s available, you must remember that Stake has two big types of rewards. The first group consists of offers that are available for a couple of months (or longer), whereas the second group includes different challenges that people can try for a couple of days.

Even though some offers are for those who bet on online sports, Stake’s casino will let everyone who likes slots and live casino games try out a bunch of exclusive rewards. Some will work only if mobile bettors wager on a particular race.

Every promotion offered by Stake has its Terms and Conditions that you must know before you start betting. It is advisable to read them because you don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes that may cause you to lose the bonus.

You do not need to use the company’s mobile website to get help from the customer support team

Whether you want to play slots or experience some of Stake’s original casino titles, you can do that from the palm of your hands. Even though most titles are easy to learn, you may have some problems with specific bonuses or one of the many available features. That’s why Stake also offers its clients the opportunity to contact the customer support department.

Most places that offer clients a professional support section require their users to open the company’s desktop website or simply make a phone call. The latter is a popular option for some people, but others prefer not to use it because they want to chat in real-time.

Even though some casinos’ live chat does not work on mobile devices, Stake hired some of the best software developers in the business. Thanks to them, those who have access to the Stake mobile casino app can use the live chat and ask them all sorts of questions.

Speaking of the devil, this iGaming operator also has a pretty interesting blog section. Even though it contains loads of other information, this blog sometimes includes solutions to some common problems people have to go through. Don’t forget to use some of the gaming helplines if you have problems regarding your betting habits.

The Fun Play mode is available to mobile players

Some people do not like that Stake offers loads of casino games because they are scared that they won’t be able to find the best one. Needless to say, it is not convenient to spend real money to play each title, which is why this top-tier iGaming company offers a feature called Fun Play. Aside from being accessible by desktop users, Stake also provides this option to those who bet on the go.

In order to check if it is available, you need to open the casino section and choose one of the games. Depending on your chosen choice, you should find the option “Fun Play”. Once you select it, you will load the given game in a demo mode, which will allow you to experience everything it offers.