While much of the world stood still in 2020, the YouTube universe continued to shine.

Over the years, the famous website morphed from a niche place for randomly uploading images to a platform that generates billionaires. Fifteen years after the first video was uploaded, Forbes has unveiled its list of the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020, and let’s just say these earnings are far from a silly change.

While the combined earnings of the highest-paid celebrities for the year fell by $ 200 million compared to 2019 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s highest-paid YouTuber, Ryan Kaji, 9, actually earned 3.5 million dollars more than last year, with a total of 29.5 million dollars.

The list also included some new names, like Mr. Beast , who joined the rankings in – drum roll, please – second place with $ 24 million. While Jeffree Star still made the top ten this year, it fell from fifth place in 2019 at 17 million to 10th in 2020 at $ 15 million. Still, in a year like 2020, there are certainly worse things.

Of course, as is the case with Star and other notable YouTube personalities, they too make money outside of their channels thanks to product lines and other projects fueled by their internet fame.

According to Forbes, estimates are based on earnings from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020, are before taxes and do not factor in agent, manager and attorney fees.