It was actually something that we already sensed. At some point, ‘ Friends ‘ would say goodbye to Netflix and, with that loss, all your illusions behind. Nooooooo!

But hey, it’s not an unexpected drama, because in a way we were already aware last year, when it was announced that Netflix’s contract to broadcast the best series in the world would expire in 2019 , but the platform paid A LOT to renew it for a year more (although since then, it has been rumored that he would end up leaving).

And we are in 2020, you know by now that … anything can happen (nervous laugh).

It first happened in the United States, and now it will be a fact in Spain: as of January 1, ‘ Friends ‘ will no longer be available on the platform. Thanks life!


Be careful, don’t get down, because there is good news: you can continue watching it on HBO. In addition, to say goodbye and leave a ‘good taste’, on Netflix Spain they have resorted to the voice of Phoebe, who has recorded an epic farewell.

It’s posted on the platform’s Twitter profile, have you heard it yet?

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After 236 episodes, ‘The one with the farewell’ has arrived. On December 31 we say goodbye to ‘Friends’ in Spain. But first, Phoebe has one last song to share.

Luckily, on Netflix we have many series, movies and documentaries with which we can alleviate the absence of our ‘friends’, as well as the option to switch to HBO (if you are not already there) or have accounts on both platforms ( Wealth!) Also means having access to a wide range of ‘shows’.