The WitcherCon, a convention dedicated to Andrzej Sapkowski’s creation, was launched on July 9, 2009. This event explores everything related to Geralt De Rivia’s world. It is both featured in the Netflix series as well as in the CD Projekt Red trilogy. The big announcement of the event was confirmation of the premiere of “The Witcher 2″ season.

The first season was a success. It was well-received by fans. This was enough to convince Netflix to add another season and expand the universe for Geralt (Henry Cavill). The streaming company announced that the series would return in the fourth quarter of 2018, that is, sometime between October and December.

Fans of Geralt ( Freya Alley ), Ciri ( Freya Allan ), and Yennefer [ Anya Chalota ] have been anticipating everything that was happening with this series since then. Geeked Week, Netflix’s special event, has the most recent official information. Small teasers focusing on Geralt and Ciri were revealed, while the presentation of ” WitcherCon” was confirmed.

Many had hoped that the event would bring the first trailer. But, in the absence, the confirmations are good. Netflix has revealed that the second season, “The Witcher,” will be available on December 17.

While the surprise ending was not over, the “WitcherCon” presented the first promotional photo, including the date, that shows Geralt and Ciri. With impressive animation, he also revealed the names for the first episodes. People familiar with Andrzej sapkowski’s work will be able to recognize the clues in the episode titles.