Although star Henry Cavill was injured during the filming of The Witcher season 2 earlier this week, future episodes continue to unfold little by little. Indeed, after revealing a large part of the cast, Netflix slipped into the shoes of Santa Claus a few days in advance. The streaming platform has decided to offer fans of the fantasy show three new exclusive images that allow them to learn a little more about the plot. Good news for aficionados of the Witcher since they represent a collection of swords, medallions bearing the symbol of the School of the Wolf, and finally a banner bearing the insignia of the formidable elven army Scoia’tael.

Of the three shots, it is especially the second that makes the fans of the franchise happy. And for good reason, the photo reveals the very first image of Scoia’tael, a group of rebel non-human warriors. An army made up mainly of elves, hobbits, and dwarves who would live – according to some theories – in the forest, feeding mainly on hazelnuts. Very virulent towards the Northern Kingdoms, she fights for the freedom of non-humans and against racism and intolerance to which she is the object daily. A little less encouraging news for Geralt of Rivia who will very probably be unhappy to cross paths with these brutal fighters. While it’s hard to predict exactly what role the Scoia’tael will play, his fate in season 2 of The Witcher will certainly be linked to the beautiful Francesca Findabair, the elven princess of Dol Blathanna. A powerful ancient sorceress is responsible for the escalating war between elves and humans.