If we look back, a year ago around this time we counted the days for the premiere of The Witcher, one of Netflix’s most anticipated new original series, with which the platform dismissed 2019 in style. Now, we are not counting the days for the debut of the second season because it still has no date, but the return of Geralt de Rivia ( Henry Cavill ), Ciri ( Freya Allan ), and Yennefer ( Anya Chalotra ) is undoubtedly among what is expected. with more enthusiasm in 2021. With filming underway since last August after being paralyzed, like so many others, by Covid-19, the idea is that season 2 of The Witcher will see the light on Netflix sometime next year but in the meantime, new details keep coming in.

The last of them come directly from the official social networks of The Witcher, which has shared three images that leave us some clues about the expected new installment. What do we see in them? A block to hold five swords in which one is missing, which is placed on the table; a scruffy banner attached to a tree in what appears to be a camp; and several wolf medallions, symbols of the franchise, some different from another.

Although the images alone may not reveal much, they can contain interesting clues, such as that the place where we see the swords could well be inside Kaer Mother, the fortress where the witches. A location that we definitely knew would play an important role in the new episodes. Regarding the third image, it could also be the place of Kaer Mother in which the sorcerers who have fallen throughout history are honored, and hence the difference in designs, or, simply, a place where the evolution of the medallions. Be that as it may, it is curious and interesting to see how the symbol has evolved.