The Witcher: Blood Origin is set on the mainland, but 1200 years before the events of the main Netflix series.

The six episodes of Blood Origin will explore the story behind two of the most important events in The Witcher lore: The conjunction of the spheres, which merged the worlds of monsters, elves, and humans into one, and of course the creation of the first sorcerer.

How can The Witcher cover both events considering that they are separated by several centuries?

While the Conjunction of the Spheres occurred around 1200 years before the start of The Witcher saga, the first witches didn’t start roaming the earth until much later. The official Netflix map specifies that the first sorcerer was created by wizards 967 years after the Conjunction.

We know that The Witcher: Blood Origin will be an episodic series. Presumably, this means that we will have six episodes, each telling another story, perhaps comparable to Disney + ‘s The Mandalorian.

However, given that The Witcher: Blood Origin covers nearly a thousand years of witch history, there are likely to be big-time jumps between episodes. We may have several stories that tie the centuries together.

Perhaps we will get a fair division between the events with the first episodes centered on the Conjunction and the last ones that tell the story of the first sorcerer. Many possibilities …