Mestalla is definitely another problem for Valencia. Because he has played 8 games, with 24 points at stake, of which he has only been able to add nine. That means little more than one point per game played at home. That is, a little more than 33%. A baggage that raises the alert to a most delicate situation. The contrast in just 365 days says it all. A year ago everyone boasted of the moment he was going through as a local.

I did not lose. He added more than a year without allowing a rival to come to his fiefdom and take the entire spoil. But what the team lives at home now leaves him very touched. The defeat against Sevilla serves as an obvious thermometer or summary of what this Valencia is.

Mestalla is no longer what it used to be, just two victories (against Levante and Real Madrid), three draws (Huesca, Getafe and Athletic) and three defeats ( Betis, Atlético and Sevilla). The balance is discouraging. Few teams have worse home numbers in the league right now. Valencia is in the queue and it is summed up with the fact that respect for a feared stadium has been lost.

In fact, they have won Levante on the first match day of the League and repeated their triumph almost two months later against Real Madrid. Now he has returned to link a streak that will take him to the exam on Jan 3 against Cadiz almost two months after the last victory.