AMC launched The Walking Dead spinoff series The Walking Dead: World Beyond on October 4 in order to solve plots that were not developed in the original drama.

One of the mysteries that The Walking Dead: World Beyond must solve, is the disappearance of Rick Grimes during season 9 of The Walking Dead and what is his whereabouts.

It could be the second installment of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the one that could reveal to fans exactly where Rick is and why he hasn’t returned to date.

Recall that, The Walking Dead: World Beyond recently revealed in the last episode of season 1 entitled “The sky is a graveyard”, which is the character that could save humanity.

It turns out that in the final episode of the first installment of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Hope and his sister Iris go with Felix, Elton and Silas, to the CRM office located in New York City.

At the CRM office, Dr. Leo Bennett is developing a vaccine that will cure the undead virus, while Hope manages to crack the codes on the CRM computer, discovering that only the “active” should make it to New York. .

When Kubleck and Huck meet, the latter tells him that Hope had to “see what he’s fighting for”, specifically the future of human civilization.

Likewise, Huck also said that Hope has to realize the importance of her father’s work, Dr. Bennet, to save the world.

When Hope asks why CRM is so interested in her, Huck simply says, “Girl, do you have any idea who you really are?” World Beyond subsequently reveals that it was Lyla who informed CRM of Hope’s brilliant abilities needed to get the world back on track.