The AMC network will deliver to fans of The Walking Dead the 6 additional episodes of season 10, which will air from February 28, 2021.

Recall that season 10 of The Walking Dead has not concluded this part of the story because production was stopped in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The team and cast of The Walking Dead returned to the film set on October 12 to shoot the scenes for the next episodes of the series that will arrive in February.

Fans of The Walking Dead know that Rick Grimes disappeared midway through season 9 of the drama. Therefore, fans wonder why, if alive, the character has not returned until moments after so long.

And there is a compelling explanation, which indicates the reason why Rick Grimes has not returned to the screens. As we know, when Rick disappeared, he was airlifted in a Civil Republic Civic (CRM) helicopter to a “safe” location.

Therefore, in the spin-off of The Walking Dead, World Beyond, fans have received some information about the army of the Civil Republic Cívic (CRM), which is an organization whose rule is to hunt down and kill anyone to desert the regime, to preserve its secrets.

In this sense, in The Walking Dead if any of the people recruited by the Civil Republic Cívic (CRM) escaped, especially if they are important as Rick Grimes is, they quickly find it.

Therefore, since Rick is a valuable person on The Walking Dead, it is likely that the Civil Republic Civic (CRM) threatened his family to keep him in captivity, and they will do everything possible to keep him in that condition.