The Walking Dead Gale Anne Hurd, producer, teases that Season 11 will be filled with surprising alliances. The series’ long-running post-apocalyptic story is ending with season 11. Even though its ratings have dropped in the last few seasons, the series remains a top-rated program on AMC. The popularity of the series has resulted in an after-show called The Talking Dead Two spinoffs of the original series.

Fear the Walking Dead And The Walking Dead: World Beyond Along with its forthcoming Daryl and Carol spinoff, and anthology series. Tales of the Walking Dead. Also, an upcoming walking Dead movie about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The Walking Dead is closing, but AMC hasn’t given up on this franchise. Season 11 of The Walking Dead will include 24 episodes. This is almost double the number of regular seasons and will air for two years. The final season The Walking Dead will air on AMC on August 22, 2020. AMC+ subscribers can access episodes one week prior. The survivors will be facing some of their most challenging challenges as they embark on the final chapter of the series. This includes a new group of brutal murderers called the Reapers and a massive, mysterious community called The Commonwealth.

Gale Anne Hurd, The Walking Dead producer spoke to Variety and hinted at the next season. She revealed that there would be some unexpected alliances. Hurd indicated that the final episode will be special for fans who are passionate about the show’s character-driven elements. Read Hurd’s full quote here:

The Walking Dead Season 11

“Norman Reedus, who I always feel happy to quote about this, has indicated that there are some incredible things in store. I woke this morning to see a cut from one of the episodes. For those who love the fact that the show is character-driven and are passionate about these characters, it will be a joy. There is surprising friction, and there are some surprising alliances.

The Walking Dead season 11 began filming in February and recent set photos have shown first looks at some new characters, and a new trailer may have even hinted at a fan-favorite character’s death. AMC has released a synopsis of season 11. It states that the group will attempt to rebuild the town and provide food for all the residents. The desperate search for food and supplies, in addition to fighting the Reapers, will make things more complicated.

Hurd is hinting that there may be “surprising partnerships” so fans are more eager to see season 11. While it’s not known who these characters might be, it’s clear how important they could be. The Walking Dead season 10 was full of drama about Maggie’s conflict with Negan. An alliance between them is most unexpected. With so many characters it is difficult to determine who Hurd refers to. The alliances could also include characters fans have never met. Walking Dead Fans will only have to wait just a little longer before they can see. What is ahead for the survivors of the remaining episodes?