Scott Gimple, head of content for The Walking Dead, has advanced something that they are up to and that will surely excite more than one fan of zombie fiction. It is a project about “one of the great villains in the history of The Walking Dead .” Let’s speculate a bit about who it might be?

Over the years, Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln ) and the other survivors have faced multiple threats. Starting with the Governor ( David Morrissey ) and ending with the Whisperers group of Alpha ( Samantha Morton ) and Beta ( Ryan Hurst ), not forgetting Gareth ( Andrew J. West ) and Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ), who is plotting his own path of redemption.

Leaving aside Negan, who is still the protagonist of the series, all of them are dead, so no one has a better chance than another of reappearing in the universe. However, many believe that the Governor would be a good candidate for the project. After all, it is one of the public’s favorites.

Ryan Hurst, the actor who plays Beta, hinted that the story of his character would come to light in Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology that brings back several characters already deceased. Look back at the long season that has passed since the apocalypse began, telling entirely new stories about the characters’ past. Since this is an already announced project, we assume there is something else going on.

David Morrissey, who played the Governor, has already shown his desire to return to the franchise. What’s more, he has talked about The Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, and The Fall of the Governor, material about the character’s past that has not yet been used on screen. “They are brilliant stories. If I came back, I would love to go back, I would tell those stories. ”

And speaking of villain stories, the Negan spinoff could still come true. In mid-November, Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke about the project and showed his willingness: “We’ll see. I’d like to think there are no closed doors. He’s a great character with many stories to tell .” What we are sure to see very soon is the special episode of The Walking Dead season 10 dedicated to Negan, where we will meet Lucille (Hilarie Burton).