We finally received news about the trilogy of the Walking Dead films in which a first date is put on the table, even if it is subject to changes that may occur in the future. In addition, that the good news comes from the mouth of Andrew Lincoln himself, the person in charge of playing the charismatic Rick Grimes in the AMC series and now also for the big screen, adds points to the news.

The films about Rick Grimes were confirmed in 2018, just after the episode in which Lincoln’s character, Rick, was picked up by a mysterious helicopter, leading to a time jump in the fictional plots. Where the protagonist had gone and what had become of him, however, would not remain unanswered questions, but would be answered in a series of feature films that would also be seen on the big screen. AMC released a first ‘teaser’ at the next Comic-Con, held the year after Lincoln’s departure from the series, but it must be recognized that details about the film project have been quite scarce.

Covid-19, on the other hand, has contributed to the beginning of the film’s production being completely paralyzed. However, the chief contents of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, insists again and again that the plans for films, including premiered in theaters, remain intact. Now, Lincoln has finally shed some more light on his future in an interview with ABC News on the occasion of his London play A Christmas Carol.

As described in the article on Lincoln’s statements regarding the films, the coronavirus delayed the filming plans of the film, but his hope is that the first of them can begin shooting in spring 2021, as soon as the vaccine begins. to work successfully. In addition, the actor refers to it as the “arrival of the cavalry”, making it clear that it will be the turning point for the projects to get under way again. “Licoln’s own plans include a The Walking Dead movie, which has been thwarted by the pandemic, although he hopes it can start shooting in the spring,” the article reads.

Thus, although it is not yet 100% official, it is always good news to finally have an approximate date on the table. Meanwhile, the spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond will continue, in its future second season, turning to the movies while revealing fundamental details about the group that took Rick.