The Upshaws season 2

The Netflix series The Upshaws premiered yesterday as a part of Netflix’s May 2021 releases, alongside the films Oxygen and Dance of the Forty One.

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For the foremost part, the series has been doing well amongst viewers, with most reviews applauding the show for its authentic way of portraying a Black family with not-so-typical familial issues.

Standing currently at a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes and an identical score on Metacritic, fans of the new show are wondering if this is often enough acclaim to warrant a second season renewal. Here’s what we all know thus far.

Season 2 of The Upshaws

Right now, there’s no news on renewal or cancellation for The Upshaws because the series remains new and presumably, remains having its performance on Netflix evaluated.

As we mentioned above, the first series goes over well with both TV critics and audiences. But as we’ve seen before, Netflix usually needs a touch more to offer the thumbs up to a season two, like whether or not a second season is important.

The Upshaws season 2

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Seeing that The Upshaws is your everyday slice-of-life comedy, a season 2 could potentially function a more in-depth dive into Bennie Upshaw’s (played by Mike Epps) difficult upbringing with the absence of his father.

Surely, its strength still is fascinating to discover more of Regina Upshaw (performed by Kim Fields) balancing doing an effective partner and a mother to four.

Revival of The Upshaws would remain elevated but each reception is in Netflix’s. Once we hear anything a few renewals, we’ll make certain to allow you to know. Continuously before, yourself flow season 1st of The Upshaws on Netflix.