Us already accumulates 26,012,880 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection since the start of the pandemic, consistent with data collected by the reference institution, Johns Hopkins University. Also, it accumulates 438,239 deaths since the primary cause of COVID-19 was corroborated within us, in January 2020. In 311 days, on November 27, thirteen million cases of COVID-19 were reached and 64 days later another thirteen million more are confirmed.

On the opposite hand, this same Saturday, the US state of Maryland has reported a replacement case of the South African variant of the coronavirus, after two other cases were reported in South Carolina on Thursday. The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, has explained that “this is an adult who lives within the metropolitan region of Baltimore.” “He has not traveled abroad, so there’s likely community transmission. A trace is being done to make sure that any contact is quickly identified, quarantined, and tested, “he said, quoted by CNN.

In South Carolina, two cases are detected during which patients haven’t recently traveled abroad and aren’t associated with one another, the state Department of Health has reported. The director of Public Health of South Carolina, Brannon Traxler, explained to the press that the tests were administered in early January which they’re not contagious. It takes time to try to do the sequencing, he said, pertaining to the time period. The B.1.351 variant is more contagious than the first variant and will be immune to antibodies generated by patients who have already overcome the COVID-19 disease. However, vaccines are still believed to be effective. thus far it’s been identified in about thirty countries.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of us (CDC) announced this Saturday the entry into force of the mandatory mask on public transportation across the country on Monday night. The mandate was issued directly by the director of the CDC’s Quarantine and Global Migration division, Martin S. Cetron, following the chief order of the country’s president, Joe Biden, on January 21.This mandate, broadly, involves “immediate action” on the utilization of masks for “all sorts of public transport”.

In response, this new regulation will apply to all or any public commercial transport (airplanes, trains, ships, and buses) and to move hubs like air terminals, train stations, metro stations, seaports, and bus stations.It also covers ferries, subways, and taxis, consistent with the CDC statement collected by NBC. Drivers and transportation workers must also wear masks when the order takes effect, ON Monday. The order doesn’t apply to children under the age of two, commercial trucks, and military transportation. Travelers do not have to wear masks while eating or drinking briefly, consistent with the CDC.