Match against Goldberg at Super ShowDown 2019, The Undertaker made a surprise return to the ring several months later at the Extreme Rules. On that day, The Deadman competed in a team No Holds Barred with Roman Reigns against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

In relation to this fight, The Undertaker gave a series of statements to Sports Illustrated in which he claimed to be proud of what he achieved on the night of July 14, 2019. That fight means a lot to me, said the retired superstar. I rediscovered that Shane that I met during his teaching days. Because of my good relationship with the Samoans, I think Roman is one of the greatest both in the ring as a person. And Drew is one of those very genuine guys that he seeks. learn something from me every time we meet. And he does it not to look good, but because he really wants to improve. They are big stars.

The Deadman has always been aware of the terrible reception his heads-up against Goldberg in Saudi Arabia received, and he is not afraid to hide that he accepted the opportunity of another fight to erase what he considers a blemish on his career. I wanted the public to forget that instance in their minds Undertaker continued. I’ve heard multiple opinions from people who think they know something about wrestling.

But as far as I’m concerned no one has any idea how I take risks every night. I’m much more severe on myself than many people think, and my expectations are usually much higher too. Extreme Rules was a fun night. We were all very connected and we knew what the point of this was. Working with Roman and Drew was something special because they themselves are very special talents. They are two of the best at what they do.

His victory at Extreme Rules 2019 alongside Roman Reigns would result in the last team heads-up of his career. After his victory in a Gauntlet Match in Saudi Arabia and his acclaimed Boneyard Match against AJ Styles, The Undertaker would retire from the ring the following year at Survivor Series.