“’When you have people outside writing for you, sometimes they get a little carried away and you’re just like, ‘OK let’s do that.’

“I hope he stays really invested in it and says no when he has to say no and do what’s right for that character because it’s really the strongest character WWE has right now.”

The Undertaker might no longer be busy from the ring again. The guy, whose actual name is Mark Callaway, has now well and truly shed his Deadman character.

He peeled back the curtain to provide insight into his career and on some of his previous opponents.

 In an interview with The New York Post, The Undertaker represented his career of 30 years, culminating in Survivor Series 2020. The conversation steered towards Bray Wyatt, whose transformation into “The Fiend” was seen as the heir to The Undertaker’s heritage.

Undertaker says The Fiend is the strongest character in WWE right now

“Especially since I worked with Bray right after I lost to Brock Lesnar that year. I think it would have been a really nice catalyst into where he’s at now.”

The Undertaker said that the character is edgy and had some advice for Wyatt.
The Undertaker says the Fiend is”so far different than everybody else” in WWE. Moreover, he noticed that Bray Wyatt has had considerable input into his character and ought to restrain it later on.

The Undertaker also stated he had”something left in the tank” to shoot on this version of Bray Wyatt, but it probably was not meant to be.

“We could have really done something special together,” Undertaker said.

Even though they faced off at WrestleMania 31 – when the Undertaker won – a second game might have ended differently, especially with the Fiend involved.