Underground Railroad __S.1__ We are left wanting more. When will The Underground Railroad Season 2 be available on Amazon Prime Video?

The Underground Railroad was a group of people who helped slaves escape to the north to safety. Harriet Tubman is a well-known member of the Underground Railroad. However, she doesn’t appear on the Amazon series.

The Underground Railroad is not the basis of the series. The series is based on Colson Whitehead’s novel, which takes place in an alternate universe. Although the railroad is an actual railroad, the horrors of slavery are still a major part of the story.

Despite the ending, there are still questions. Will it be?When will Underground Railroad Season 2 be available on Amazon Prime Video?

Don’t expect The Underground Railroad Season 2 to happen

Unfortunately, there won’t likely be another season. It was always intended to be a short series. Barry Jenkins understood that there was too much material to make a movie and enough for a 10-episode series.

We were able to see more than Cora’s story through the limited series. We were able to learn more about Ridgeway, the bounty hunter who pursued Cora through the series.
It’s not necessary to continue the story. There were some questions, but they are just the questions of life. We were able to get the source material from beginning to end, and each storyline was well wrapped up. There were some minor changes, but they did not disrupt the story or cause problems in the end.

We’d expect 14-18 months between seasons if the show was renewed. If we do decide to release The Underground Railroad Season 2, we will be looking at July 2022 and November 2022.