Any activity that we develop is leading us to lose calories, and that is already a point that takes us away from a sedentary lifestyle, sometimes so established in our day-to-day life. And although work has us prostrate in a chair most of the day, it is always up to each one of us to take a little turn every 50 minutes or stretch our joints from the place itself while in front of the computer.

In any case, we always want the miracle and quick formulas, especially fast, to lose weight without making too much effort. Assuming that everything requires value, there are easy and simple activities that make us shed much of the calories that we have gained. For example, did you know that driving, playing the piano, or climbing stairs burns calories? That’s right: 61 kcal, 85 kcal, and 51 kcal, respectively.

Shopping burns exactly 125 kcal, cleaning is about 48 kcal and gardening (light) makes us lose around 122 kcal although, as always, everything will depend on the sex and age of the person in question. The number of calories burned in exercise requires several factors, reveals Deborah Werner, a fitness expert at Food Spring, and these include:

Muscles involved,

The more muscles that are tensed during an exercise, the more energy is burned.


If the exercise is intense and fast, more calories per minute can be lost. Duration of the training session. In that case, more is more as long as the exercise is well done. 10 minutes of jumping rope is more effective than 5 minutes, she recommends. The correct combination of strength, endurance, rest, and explosiveness.

You yourself are the most important factor. Only those who train intensely and hard will burn a lot of calories. Always reach your personal limit while training, but of course “don’t go any further Says Deborah Werner.

Fat Burning Sports

And for all those who are not satisfied with daily tasks or walking falls short, there are sports whose calories burned go up to other figures. The secret is to move a lot during the day, because the main difference Between a sedentary person, who does less than 2,000 steps a day, and an active person, who reaches 10,000, it can mean spending more than 3,000 calories a week and more than 10,000 a month. So, while the sedentary person could be gaining weight, the active person, just by walking more during the day, could be losing it, says Joel Torres, personal trainer.

According to the classification of sports that burn the most calories, the following stand outA quick run on foot. Running stands out, among other things, for improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helping with weight control, strengthening the locomotor system, both bones and muscles, and increasing self-esteem, among others.

Before starting, it is advisable to highlight the risks in people with structural injuries in the feet or problems in the spine. It is an impact sport that can cause injuries to the hip or knee joints and is also not recommended for people with severe cardiorespiratory diseases.


favors the elimination of anxiety and stress, tones at a general level and there is an inexplicable feeling of well-being thanks to the discharge of endorphins when doing this activity. according to Food Spring experts, a 70 kg person who performs the activity for 30 minutes will burn up to 448 kcal.


As the fitness expert and author of the blog May the force be with you Alfonso M. Arce swimming offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to burning calories, alternating styles in each length, intensity intervals, Adding difficulties like ankle and wrist weights, or using resistance paddles, to name a few examples. Swimming involves using a huge number of muscle groups. In front of the runners, who do excellent work on their legs, swimming, without excluding the legs, adds the work of your back, chest, arms, and shoulders, in addition to the entire core. Of course, if the intensity is added, these benefits multiply, he says.

According to the experts at Food Spring, a 70 kg person who performs the activity for 30 minutes will burn up to 281 kcal. Cros-training. Also known as functional training, this is a traditional strength training workout in which you work an isolated muscle rather than a set. Improves, among other things, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, balance, and muscular profile. According to experts at Food Spring, a 70 kg person who performs the activity for 30 minutes will burn up to 325 kcal.