The Summer We Live In, Blanca Suárez’s new film, is directed by Carlos Sedes. The film tells of the love triangle between Lucía, her fiancé Hernán and the latter’s friend Gonzalo. To set the scene for this love story, also starring Javier Rey and Pablo Molinero, the feature film has used Jerez de la Frontera as the setting. The decision for this story to take place in the Andalusian city is not only due to the beauty of its locations. Also to the fact that it allowed placing, as a backdrop, the wine industry.

“To tell this great love story, we moved to Jerez de la Frontera, one of those paradises that seem better known outside our borders than inside, ” says the film’s team in the production notes. “The fact of setting The Summer We Live There also allowed us to narrate an industry, that of Jerez wine, which has a very extensive culture around it, ” he adds.

There, among the vineyards of the Andalusian city, the romance between Lucía and Gonzalo, the characters Suárez and Rey, begins to forge. She is passionate about her work in the vineyard and heir to her parents’ wineries. Her fiance, Hernán, is the owner of another of the largest wineries in the area. It is the latter who invites Gonzalo to Jerez to entrust him with the mission of building a winery in record time.

This love triangle, set in 1958, is something Isabel discovers in the present. The young woman, played by Guiomar Puerta, is a journalism student who moves to a Galician town to do her internship at a local newspaper. There he comes across a series of obituaries, always sent on the same day and always addressed to a woman named Lucia, who seem more like love letters than the announcement of a death. She, along with Carlos, the character of Carlos Cuevas, embarks on a journey through Spain to investigate what really happened in the summer of 1958.

The summer we are living in completes its cast with María Pedraza , Adelfa Calvo , Moreno Borja , Manuel Moron and Joaquín Nuñez. On these lines, do not miss the trailer. Now in theaters!