Porsche expects to earn in the fiscal year 2020 about 2.6 billion euros according to current information according to the German company. This data would mean a 7% drop in profit compared to the 2,801 million it obtained in 2019. Porsche has also announced that its sales in 2020 only fell 3% compared to 2019 with a total of 272,162 units sold compared to 280,800 in 2019.

A loss of 8,000 units despite the lockdowns in Europe and Germany that caused production stoppages. Two things emerge from the sales analysis that Porsche placed 20,015 units of the Taycan, its first 100% electric model. And that compensates for the loss of units from other models. The Cayenne remained at the same numbers as in 2019 as 92,860 units were sold in 2020 1% more than the 92,055 last year.

Sales of the 718 Cayman and Boxter grew 6.4% to 21,784 units. The iconic 911 and all its versions were chosen by 34,328 customers, which was a 1.3% drop compared to 2019. On March 23 we will know all the data of Porsche’s financial balance. There we will also know how many Macan and Panamera were sold last year as Porsche has not yet provided this information. In 2019, the German firm placed 132,665 Macan (99,944) and Panamera (32,721 ) units .

The truth is that this year of these two models Porsche has sold a total of 103,980 Macan and Panamera units which represents a drop of 21.7% in the sum of these two models. Panamera and Taycan are in the same niche, while the Macan does not yet have an electrified alternative within the brand’s range. The Cross Taycan scheduled for late 2020, has yet to hit the market. Volkswagen should be borne in mind that Porsche is both a brand that is integrated into the Volkswagen Group and as a company, Porsche SE holds 31.4% of the capital of the German automobile consortium and is its largest shareholder.

Hence, after the publication by the latter that it will obtain 10 billion euros in 2020 in profit before the special expenses charged to the balance sheet for the consequences of diesel gate. Porsche paid 535 million euros in 2019 as a fine in Germany for the fraud of emissions in its diesel vehicles and settled its judicial connection with the issue. Although the German brand has been peppered and involved in the emissions scandal.

Its membership of the Volkswagen group has given it the strengths to save development costs. Clear examples are the Cayenne, Macan, and the Taycan itself which is based on the Premium Electric Platform and which has been jointly developed between Audi and Porsche itself, whose first models are the thee-Tron GT and the Taycan itself.