The farewell to Genoa is not yet official. Why, if Pablo Casado has already announced it? Because you can not move the headquarters of the PP without the approval of the party. The president of the popular, who this Tuesday released the information bomb in a surprising way for his entire party, needs the agreement of the National Board of Directors, which is the highest body of the PP between national congresses and which represents all its territorial organizations.

This obligation is very clearly established by the PP statutes, which in its article 1.4 state that “the national headquarters of the party is set at number 13, Calle de Genova, 28004 in Madrid, and may be transferred by agreement of the Board of Directors National, without the need to modify these statutes.

This means neither more nor less than Casado and his secretary-general, Teodoro García Egea, will need the endorsement of the more than 360 positions that are part of the Board: from the organic of Genoa to the mayors and presidents of the councils, passing through the presidents executive committees, members of New Generations, members of national and regional parliamentary groups, European commissioners or regional councilors, as well as 30 specific members, elected in the party congress.

The Board ordinarily meets at least once every four months. The last meeting that was held was on November 16, but it was limited to New Generations. In national terms, Casado has not convened this body since August. So Genoa should summon it in the next month, but the special circumstances of the pandemic have given it wide sleeves in this regard. In this body, there are 366 members, according to the list updated by the PP. To approve the change of venue, a simple majority of votes in favor is required, which is discounted by Casado. In fact, you usually don’t even need to vote.

At the time of having the new headquarters, the Board of Directors is summoned to announce the place. It is included in the Board’s report and it is approved, say sources from the PP leadership. But, although in Genoa they are convinced that they will not have any problem approving the change as soon as possible, the truth is that the celebration of the Board of Directors can help Casado face the discomfort that it has generated in some Sectors of the party not only the move (so symbolic) but, above all, the strategic direction of the popular after the electoral bump in Catalonia.

Not in vain, it must be remembered that the announcement of the abandonment of Genoa itself led to the possibility of reproaches from the territorial leaders of the PP in the National Executive Committee on Tuesday. The barons blame Casado for the poor Catalan result and believe that he should reinforce his strategy.


Critics will have a new opportunity to make themselves heard in the coming weeks. That is, long before the National Convention that Casado has promised to recalibrate the direction of the party at the end of the year. In the meetings of the PP, one can resort to a figure, which is to reserve the vote. That is, take the floor to argue an abstention or even a vote against. And why.

The reason that Casado has given for leaving the building – breaking with the shadow of corruption – has not convinced a not lesser percentage of the party. In the wing related to Mariano Rajoy, they believe that the chosen moment is a sign of weakness since it makes it seem that the decision is taken point-blank from the results in the Catalan elections. That is, to hide the defeat against Vox, which won eight more seats than the PP (11, compared to three).

I believe that we should not continue in a building whose reform is being investigated this week in the courts, argued Casado. This is cutting ties they assure this newspaper in the national leadership of the party where on Tuesday they congratulated themselves on the coup And it is putting prophylaxis on corruption, they add. Casado himself wanted to draw a red line between the past the building and the future the trials.

This national leadership is not going to give explanations again on any past issue that corresponds to a personal action that has not been for the benefit of the party or could even harm it. We simply cannot afford it with the judicial calendar that is coming up Casado was sincere in his speech.