The Seven Deadly Sins Season 6

The fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins anime series was finally released on Netflix. Fans are thrilled about the long-awaited release. We will finally get to see Meliodas’ journey now that he has become the Demon Kings. We’ll also be able to see what it means for his six trusted friends.

With such an epic ending to an epic story, watching season five in one go was an easy decision. But now you might be wondering if you will ever get a sixth season.

Release Date

The official release date of season 6 is not yet known. But, once it has, we’ll let you know.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 6

In 2022, we would see Seven Deadly Sins season 6.


Season 5’s finale sees the Sins going their separate ways. Arthur goes with Merlin to Camelot. King and Diane both leave. Ban takes Elaine on an adventure across Britannia in order to compare different types of ale. Gowther also embarks on a journey. Hawk too sets out on a journey to purgatory, with Merlin’s assistance. He reunites with his older brother. Meliodas is made the King of Liones by Elizabeth. They call their son Tristan and Ban and Elaine give their son Lancelot. Tristan, who is 10th years old, learns about the Seven Deadly Sins from his mother and decides to be one.

The Sins will likely be reunited at the wedding of Diane King and King in season 6, titled “The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed with Light”. But they soon realize that no one is perfect and nothing can last forever. Meliodas is forced to work with Zeldris because the demon realm could collapse. Two major antagonists might be Dahila, the second king one of the fairies, or Dabuzu, master craftsman for the giants. The main antagonist will probably be the Supreme goddess herself, who is likely still angry at the Sins that ended the Holy War.