An American YouTube personality and comedian, Idubbbz is the creator of successful YouTube channels like iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames. His real name is Ian Carter and he has also created comedy video series like Content Cop, Bad Unboxing and Kickstarter Crap. He has garnered a huge fan following by entertaining the audience by his interesting videos on his channels and social media posts.

His relationship with girlfriend, Anisha Jomha has also been in the headlines. She’s also a social media star with a massive fanbase and has recently revealed her decision of selling nudes to a popular website. Reportedly, this decision made by Anisa has iDubbbz support. Ever since this news, every iDubbbz fan has ben curious regarding the background of his girlfriend.

Who is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa Jomha, known in the gaming community as ‘anisajomha’ is a Twitch streamer and YouTube gamer. She was born on 25th June, 1993 in Canada. She makes her streams in a podcast style and has also streamed League of Legends gameplay. She has more than 230,000 followers on Twitch.

In 2015 she started playing LOL and in August 2015 she uploaded her first video on her YouTube channel.

She grew up in Alberta, Canada and began dating Ian Carter in October 2016. Although their relationship can be traced back to 2011 when they first interacted on the internet and have been growing closer with time.

She was also in the news recently as she uploaded a video named “Leafy and H3H3 b*tch fight” on her YouTube channel in an attempt to justify Calvin Lee Vail aka Leafy’s ban on YouTube which ended up backfiring on her. Her attempt to defend YouTube’s decision terminating an edgy content creator’s channel come across as hypocritical when her boyfriend is known as Edgelord himself.

In a video uploaded by YouTuber AugieRFC, he highlighted how Anisa got trolled by defending Leafy’s ban on YouTube.

The video begins by commenting on the amount of criticism directed at iDubbbz’z girlfriend after her controversial tweets:

“I was kinda taken aback at the amount of people who wanted to hear nothing from this girl and on the leafyishere situation”

Debate on this has been increasing over time with protests from an army of disgruntled content creators.