We have the answer to your questions about The Rookie season 4. The release date for season 4 of The Rookie was set for September 26, 2021. The announcement of ABC’s fall schedule made it clear that crime would soon be on TV again after the summer.

Rai 2 handles the debut here in Italy. As with previous chapters, it has taken an average of four months for the series to finish before it was broadcast. We will notify you when we know the exact start date of The Rookie’s fourth season in Italy.

The Rookie 4 Season Advances On The Plot

ABC decided to renew the TV series with Nathan Fail after a successful season 3. The average viewership for the third season was 10 million. The third chapter was about current issues like racism and police brutality. The second half focused more upon Detective Angela’s attempts to capture La Fiera the leader of the most influential drug cartel Los Angeles.

In the finale of season 3, he can arrest her. However, Lopez escapes during a flight and the criminal kidnaps Lopez. Lopez was supposed to marry Wesley at the end of the episode. Season 3 ends in the disappearance and capture of the detective. With La Fiera on the loose and Angela its prisoner, Rookie 4 should be set from this point. We look forward to the first developments.