The Rookie Season 3

The Rookie seeks to challenge its status with others to cope up with the cop shows while returning its third season.


The Rookie Season 3 plotting revolves around a 40 years old man named John Nolan. Dealing with many life-changing events, he needs to move to Los Angeles to become a Cop. The opening season follows up its episode right after he graduates from Police Academy, along with two other rookies on Mid Wilshire divisions.

Thereafter the final new episode revolves with Nolan with his Training Officer in the field for six months. Moreover, he was with the other rookies facing the Training Evaluation exam. Therefore deciding whether he and his team could continue in the department or not. Thus at the ending season of two, rookies were entering through the final month of training. Though they were warned of pressure and tenderness than ever done before with them. There after the seasons will continue its story.


The following are the main casting members in The Rookie 3 :

  • Nathan Fillion as John Nolan
  • Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper
  • Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
  • Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey
  • Titus Makin as Jackson West
  • Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen
  • Eric Winter as Tim Bradford

Release Date

ABC renews its third season of The Rookie on 3 January 2021.