The contest ‘The game of the rings’ returns to Antena 3 on December 26 with a second season in which 36 famous faces will test their knowledge and visual acuity, Atres media confirmed this Monday.

This new “celebrity” version, which will once again have Jorge Fernández as master of ceremonies, will feature, among others, well-known faces such as the actors Salva Reina, Paco Tous, María Castro and Kira Miró ; comedians Carlos Latre, Leo Harlem and the Cadaval brothers; or the televisions Silvia Abril, Llum Barrera and Sara Escudero.

The fashion designers Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Lorenzo Caprile will also participate ; singers like David Bustamante, Chenoa or Rosa López; the bullfighter Manuel Benítez ‘El Cordobés’ or the television couple formed by Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo.

36 famous faces as protagonists of an entertainment space in which visual acuity becomes a fundamental factor . ‘The game of the rings’ consists of six rounds, five in which they will accumulate money and a great final phase to take the won, which will be donated to an NGO.

The contest, produced by Atres media TV in collaboration with Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio), is an adaptation of the Dutch ‘5 Gold Rings’, original by Talpa, tested internationally in many countries such as Australia, France, Greece, Israel, Russia, the United States. United States, Vietnam, Thailand or Saudi Arabia.