very complicated return of Fernando alonso to formula  in 2021.

This is the case of Marcin Budkowski who since 2018 has been executive director of the Renault DP World F1 Team. They confirm his attitude and desire to succeed again. For this reason, some like Alan Permane do not hide their good omens however there are also some more skeptical along the lines of Ralf Schumacher although with fewer doubts that with the passage of time, the Asturian will be more than competitive.

The leader believes that the adaptation of the two-time Spanish champion is more complex than the one Sainz will have when they go to Ferrari, or Ricciardo when they go to McLaren.The manager argues that this is the reason why the veteran competitor uses old cars. we have prepared a comprehensive test program behind the wheel of the 2018 car.

I can understand that for Carlos or Daniel the challenge of next season with a new team will be complicated because they will have to learn a new working method and will have to interact with unknown engineers but in Fernando’s case it will be different considering his prolonged.I think you have to take into account the disadvantage at which he will start with respect to the rest of the drivers on the grid considering that he has not raced in Formula 1 for two years he says in Motorsport.

r. We want him to regain his rhythm regain his physical condition and everything he needs he says. For Budkowski who arrived as head of the Technical Department of the Formula 1, Alonso will be hurt by the fact that the preseason has been reduced and goes from six days of training to three. It will be difficult for Fernando to get used to the car in just a day and a half of testing. This is true for most of the drivers, but in a particular way for him seeing his absence from Formula 1 for the last two years.

That is why the French squad fought so hard and got the Asturian to get behind the wheel of his 2020 car in the Abu Dhabi test which at first was intended only for young people.