Johnny Depp’s court battle with his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, follows its natural course and is now opening a new front, the Internet. The American actor has played for many years – and five installments – one of the most iconic characters in commercial cinema in recent years: that of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Disney saga ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean ‘. It’s no wonder there are an entourage of fans around Depp, allied in his court battle and eager for him to return to the role of the mythical captain. And after the abandonment, announced last week by the actor himself, of his role as Gellert Gridewald in the saga ‘ Fantastic animals ‘After a British court ruled against him after the lawsuit he presented to The Sun newspaper for defamation for accusing him of beating his wife, support for him has paradoxically gained more strength.

Internet and social networks are the new battlefield after the court ruling. On the one hand, those who are on Depp’s side and claim that it was rather the other way around and that Heard abused him. And on the other hand, those who believe the actress and are in favor of canceling the actor forever. One of the reactions to the entire drama has been an increase in signatures for the actor to return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, reaching 300,000 supporters in one of the signature collections that appeared on when they began to talk about a reboot of the saga without him. And it is not the only one. Following the court ruling, a number of new petitions have started to come to light. One that asks Warner Bros. that the actor resume his role in the third installment of ‘Fantastic Animals’ that in a week has gathered 170,000 signatures. In parallel, another that requires the same study to dismiss Heard from ‘ Aquaman 2 ‘ in which he stars and which already has 1,423,000 signatures.

We therefore see that the request for the sixth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is only the first episode of this tough online contest. Confrontation that began when the actor was fired from the saga that catapulted him by Depp’s “personal problems” before this turbulent case that affects the actor came to light. Later, the case became media, and that has only increased support for the actor with these new signatures that the petition has gathered during this week after the new episode lived .

Will We See Jack Again?

The truth is that the information about the plans that Disney manages with its franchise is quite uncertain and needs to be updated. For now, the only thing we can be sure of is that the actor will not return to the saga of ‘Fantastic Animals’. On the part of Warner the divorce is sealed and right now it is looking for a new Grindelwald . A drastic change in the cast that has already caused the premiere of the third part of the saga to be delayed until 2022.

Meanwhile, the future of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ will remain unknown. For now, earlier this year rumors began to emerge of a possible reboot starring Karen Gillan. And recently Disney has already announced that it plans a spin-off of the saga with Margot Robbie leading the project. Depp’s fans, who are not few, will only go to see the film if their dear and beloved Captain Jack Sparrow appears . So we will have to see what Disney does with all this soap opera.