• WWE suspended Braun Strowman after Raw on which he was angry
  • Has WWE prepared big storylines for Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman was suspended from WWE after Raw this week as he attacked Authority member Adam Pearce. All of this happened because Pierce was asked by Pierce during the last of what he wanted to do. However, Strowman has also stated that he wants to fight against WWE Champion Drew McIntire.

Earlier in the report, it was said that it was being made to make Braun Strowman a heel because of which it was done. Now Wrestling legend Dave Meltzer reported that the former Universal Champion of WWE has a knee injury he suffered during Survivor Series and that is why Strowman has been suspended.

Meltzer also reported that WWE planned to field Braun Strowman against Drew McIntire. However, it is not yet clear where it will be if the Strowman fits, it can be booked in TLC or else it can be saved for further.

With this, Meltzer said that suspending is not just covering the injury but also giving his heel appearance. McIntire is currently the face of WWE but it is not known against whom his match will be in TLC. The number one contender match for the WWE Championship is scheduled to take place next week in WWE Raw. Which will feature Keith Lee, AJ Styles and Matt Riddle and the winning superstar is scheduled to match against Drew McIntire for the WWE Championship.

What happened in WWE that caused Strowman to suspend

This week’s Raw debuted with the winning team of Red Brand which also featured Adam Pearce. Adam Pearce stood alongside the team in Raw’s debut. Adam Pearce told that Team Raw has done a tremendous performance and due to this one of the superstars will get a WWE Championship match. Jay Styles called himself captain and demanded the title match. Sheamus also stated that he is a friend of champion Drew McIntire and would like to fight him. Keith Lee and Matt Riddle also spoke. Simultaneously Adam Pearce asked Braun Strowman the reason for the last, when Braun Strowman was not happy and he said why he was being questioned in the last. Then what was it that Strowman got angry and hit him headbutting Adam Pearce.