On November 9, 2016, Spain woke up with one of the news that today, more than 4 years later, is still on everyone’s lips: the death of Cristina Ortiz, La Veneno. Much has been written about the end of one of the myths of television, but rarely has any light been shed on what happened on the night of November 6 of that same year, three days before La Veneno passed away.

On the tenth anniversary of the Investigation Team program, a meticulous and surprising report on her death has not only revealed many of the unknowns of that night, but also thanks to the testimony of a National Police, the case of the death of Cristina Ortiz, La Poison, can be reopened.

The Investigation Team report has kept many viewers and followers of the artist expectant. Completed hours before its broadcast due to the appearance of the testimony that could completely turn the case upside down, the Investigation Team carefully analyzes everything that happened that night, the days before, and days after.

Since the ambulance arrived at the house of Cristina Ortiz on November 6 at 00:00, in the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuan, until the statement in the Court of Instruction No. 53 of Madrid of a National Police participates in the investigations that ensure that negligence was committed when investigating the death of La Veneno.

The program not only achieves this key testimony that it can achieve what the family has been asking for since the day of La Veneno’s death, that the case be reopened or at least closed, but with things well done, but it also achieves talk to the owner of the bar who was the first to go to La Veneno’s house.

when Cristina’s then-boyfriend, Alin, went to tell her that something had happened. He had never spoken for a media outlet before and what he counts, like most of everything that appears in last night’s report by the Investigation Team, takes apart many of the parts of the investigation.

Even though it’s what screamed at me the most last night on the show, Research Team gets La Veneno’s mother to speak as part of the family, along with two of her sisters, who have been fighting for the case to be reopened for four years.

A case that was closed just 9 days after his death. Cristina Ortiz’s sisters, who photographed their sister’s body so that the bruises and injuries with which she arrived at the hospital were on record, went hours after she was admitted to the ICU of Hospital La Paz to the Police Station of Tetouan to file a complaint.

The family considered that the injuries that her sister presented did not correspond to a simple fall in the bathroom, but we’re closer to a beating. A theory, which as stated last night in the Investigation Team, is shared by the criminologist that the Ortiz family has hired to reopen the case.


This is a former agent of the Mossos d’Esquadra homicide group, Óscar Tarruella, who for a year has been working to collect all possible evidence that will lead to reopening the case of the sudden death of La Veneno. As he explained to the Investigation Team.

the family hires him to find out why the investigation is closed just 9 days after death when there was no evidence to analyze, many statements to be taken and many ends to tie. Why was the death of Cristina Ortiz closed so quickly when research shows that there were many things left in the pipeline? And here is the key testimony that can reopen the case. Why does the family want you to investigate the case?

The reporter asks the criminologist. The answer makes the hair stand on end: “I saw clear indications of an alleged crime of intentional homicide. What will have to be determined is whether it was voluntary or involuntary

Alin, Cristina Ortiz’s boyfriend at that time, is the one who found La Veneno bloodied in her house on the day of the events. Alin had lived with Cristina for about two and a half years. It was a tortuous, violent relationship, a relationship that, as La Veneno’s acquaintances and friends described last night, had completely changed the artist. Cristina was no longer the Cristina of before.

As described in the program by friends who saw her days before her death, La Veneno’s condition was that of a woman who seemed not to be, completely gone, drugged, but not by drugs, but by pills.  Cristina stopped being Cristina to become a zombie,” he says Antonio Crespo, a friend of La Veneno. According to her testimony to the Investigation Team, the last time she saw Cristina Ortiz was a week and a half before the accident. “Cristina came into my house and the first thing she told me, verbatim words, Antonello, they are going to kill me.

And what she said was what she was based on to say that, and she told me that she didn’t know what was happening. I was out of memory. She was forgetting things. Cristina was drugged, not by drugs but by pills, she declares. Six months before the book was signed, Cristina began to change. Cristina stopped being Cristina to become a zombie. Cristina left everything, he left the house What I do know is that today they should investigate who has benefited from Cristina’s death, he says.

When La Veneno died, many theories and speculations arose not only about her death but also about the life that Cristina led in recent months. 37 days before dying Cristina Ortiz returns to the top of fame with the presentation of the book of her memoirs, memoirs for which she assured that they were going to kill her.

A theory, which a part of his family supports. Although all the clues, evidence, and testimonies point to Alin and a fight that ended with Cristina in a coma, the rumor that someone wanted to silence La Veneno for what had been published in his book remains. The research team does not enter into these theories but rather sticks to the evidence that was found.

The witnesses who testified in the investigation, and what was left to investigate. Still, the hum goes on and on until things are done right once and for all, and the cables that were not tied or that they did not want to tie then are tied.


One of these points is the testimony of one of the witnesses of the investigation, a neighbor of La Veneno who hours after Cristina Ortiz was admitted to the hospital calls the police when she sees how Cristina’s boyfriend goes down to the street to shoot a garbage bag. It may sound silly, but as he explained last night on the show they never put down the trash, they always threw it from the balcony.

This witness brings it to the attention of the police who come to the area a few hours later to make a visual inspection of the bag that Alin had thrown away. In it, they find bottles of alcohol, a large number of pills, clothes from La Veneno and a letter from Cristina addressed to Alin. The letter is not transcribed and Alin is not taken back. His only statement is that of the day of the events in which he assures that he came home and found Cristina lying on the couch bloody assuring him that she had fallen in the bathroom.

The investigation team also agrees to the visual inspection of Cristina’s house and speaks with the journalist, Daniel Jabonero, who arrived at the house even before the police did. In the visual inspection they find abundant blood throughout the house, they even find blood from a third person in the bedroom that does not correspond to La Veneno or Alin. No one followed this line of investigation, according to the criminologist hired by the family last night.

The Police found blood near the living room sofa, in the room next to several boxes of medicines, next to the headboard and also on the mattress, at the foot of the bed, on the bathroom floor, in the toilet, and the sink in the sink, shaped like a hand. The Police also took samples of La Veneno’s nails, but the result will not be known until a year and a half later because the case is filed nine days after death.

We do not know why this happened, but what is curious and should have resulted in the official opening of the same case is the fact that the Central Unit of the Scientific Police issued a report in which it was determined that under the nails there was no There was DNA from a possible assailant.

But on the mattress, in the bedroom, there are blood samples from an unknown third person, of whom a collation was never made, neither of Alín nor others involved in the proceedings, he adds.

Habanero, for his part, tells the Research Team that when he arrived at the house he found a daunting image. The glory that had radiated from that house in previous years was no more. “Everything was as broken, destroyed, old, it looked like a half-abandoned house, but the first thing I notice as I arrive is some syringes that were on a glass table he says.

That’s the first thing that makes me see the kind of life Cristina was leading, at least in the last stretch. I don’t know if they were hers, I don’t know if they were his, but there were drugs in that house, assures the journalist. Alin assures him that it had been a mixture of alcohol with pills. He says that he arrives at the house and that he finds Cristina dizzy on the sofa, conscious, dripping with blood, and Cristina tells him that she had fallen in the bathroom, says Habanero.


But it is the first person to go up to the house, the owner of the bar under Cristina’s house, who dismantles this version. He explains to the Investigation Team that on the day the events occurred, Cristina went down to breakfast at the bar.

At 4:00 p.m., several hours before the ambulance was called, this woman hears a loud knock at La Veneno’s house. A blow that was not like the ones she had heard before, since the fights between Alin and La Veneno were constant, a metallic blow, strange. At 11:00 pm Alin goes down to the bar to ask for her help, when she goes up she finds an unconscious Cristina, unable to speak.

According to the version that Alingave the police, La Veneno told the owner of the bar that she had fallen in the bathroom, she denies it: Cristina did not tell me anything because Cristina could no longer speak.

When I entered I was scared and found Cristina lying on the sofa, with blood and I asked her what was wrong, but she only said my name, she did not have the strength to answer me more, he says, to which he adds a surprising statement: I had blood a little dry on his chest, not to say that it was new, besides, he had a very large cut; his back, feet, and hands were purple and his clothes were ripped and torn.

Another key testimony that casts doubt on accidental death. And few believe that Cristina Ortiz died of accidental death. One of her great friends, Paca la Piranha, also spoke with Research Team. His conclusion, always sincere is clear: It was a fight that got out of hand. Although he had not spoken to La Veneno for a long time, Paca loved Cristina Ortiz.

She found out about his death on television, but even so, and knowing how the last years of La Veneno and the stormy relationship with Alin had been Paca is convinced that Cristina Ortiz did not die of accidental death. As she explains La Veneno was a strong woman, a woman with a lot of character a woman who, if she had to mess up, would mess up.

And it is the autopsies up to 3 was done that should serve to clarify or confirm the cause of La Veneno’s death, but neither. Investigation team talks with a forensic doctor who sees the images of a 3D autopsy performed on La Veneno with the photographs taken by her sister. Shelley’s Workshop laboratory produces the 3D Venom infographic that the defense presents as proof that the death was not accidental.

This 3D recreation has been based on the photographs that one of the sisters took of Cristina’s body while in the ICU and thanks to that today we can determine what injuries Cristina suffered, says Oscar Tarruella.

Tarruella emphasizes that it is clearly seen that some blows correspond to a possible grip made by the aggressor when Cristina could have been getting rid of those attacks. Clearly, due to the various blows, for example, that of the lip, cheekbone, hand, or fingers it is compatible with a strong grip.

The one on the instep that we clearly see is reddish and, therefore, recent, more corresponding to a stomp or kick, indicates the criminologist.


None of this chiaroscuro has served to reopen the case of the death of Cristina Ortiz. However, the testimony presented by the Investigation Team last night may be the final one for the case to be reopened and the cause of his death to be clarified once and for all. An unpublished testimony that reaches court number 53 of Madrid in a written document and that includes the following statement.

I would like to be able to contribute my professional testimony. I am an officer of the National Police. I was in charge of the complaints office at the Tetouan police station the night the family reported that Cristina had been seriously injured in the hospital, for several days. Despite not having been informed by the police services or by the discoverer.

The family, or the hospital, which we consider negligence, an immediate order was given to guard the victim’s home, which was open and in trouble. with a lot of blood inside when the agents arrived. As it had been open for several days, the evidence that the Police could collect must have been altered, since the beginning of the chain of custody had been clearly violated.

Also, in the same document presented in court, the Police assure that Cristina made a night call to room 091 to ask for help, because, apparently, her partner wanted to kill her. ” Indeed, Cristina calls 091, but When the Police appear, Cristina refuses to open, assuring that it has been a misunderstanding.

However, it is not the first time that Cristina has experienced an episode like this. Among the documents that Cristina’s little sister keeps there are several medical reports in which clear domestic violence injuries are described, including with a baseball bat. All points to Alin, imprisoned in the Estremera jail for a crime of robbery with violence.

The only death protagonist from La Veneno that the Investigation Team was unable to speak to. Only with a prison official, who ensures that no one comes to visit him and who speaks of La Veneno as the great love of his life. Alin will be released from prison in 2022.

Four years have passed and it is still unknown what happened to Cristina, La Veneno. A television myth that died in the worst circumstances, in the worst situation, and with a death full of shadows. Shadows that thanks to the exceptional work of the Investigation Team and the unexpected testimony of a National Police familiar with the entire investigation can finally be clarified.

Hopefully, the truth, whatever it is, is discovered. Hopefully, La Veneno can finally rest in peace.