Due to WhatsApp Privacy Policy, people are turning their backs on it very fast. From criticism on social media to a petition in the Delhi High Court… Whatsapp has to face a lot. However, WhatsApp has clarified in its blog post that the change in policy will not affect the privacy of users’ messages with friends or family in any way. But now as before, people are no longer confident of this.

Signal App seems to get a lot of benefits amid the decreasing popularity of WhatsApp. Only between 6 and 10 January more than 7.5 million people have installed it from Appstore and Google Play Store. According to reports, downloads of this app have increased by 4,200 percent since last week. People are downloading the signal app now, except WhatsApp.

But do you know about this app, who made it, how it got started, how the wires are connected to WhatsApp behind its creation? No? We tell you everything.

This man’s name is Moxie Marlinspike

Moxie Marlinspike aka Matthew Rosenfeld… This is the name of the man who created the Signal app. Not only Signal, but Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and other apps also use the famous Signal Protocol Encryption, which is also credited to Moxie.

In the digital age, the moxie who has strengthened the privacy technique is the same person who has been appreciated worldwide for his actions. The strings of signal app creation are also connected to WhatsApp. In fact, Moxie started the Signal App in association with Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp.

The first tech companies ate, then reached Twitter

In his early career, Moxie, a teenager from Georgia (US), hit a number of San Francisco tech companies. In the world of software, he worked in many companies. Then in 2010, he became the co-founder and chief tech officer of Whisper Systems.

At the time, the company of Moxie was using text secure and headphones for calling, besides ‘end to end encrypted’ messaging. Twitter took it over in the year 2011 due to the company’s excellent quality. In this way, Moxie’s entry was on Twitter and he was made the head of Cyber ​​Security in the Twitter app.

Better to have something than a job!

No matter how big the position, the job is a job…. It is better to have your own company. It was this thinking and passion that inspired Moxie to start her own venture. He left Twitter in the year 2103 and then started his venture under the name Signal Protocol.

In the year 2015, created an application by combining Text Secure and Read phone, named Signal. In addition, Moxie, along with his partner Trevor, worked towards providing better secure platforms for companies like Google, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. In 2018, Moxie launched Signal Foundation in collaboration with WhatsApp co-founder Acton. This is where the popularity of the Signal App started increasing.

Why is the Signal App special?

Signal App is also a type of chatting and data sharing app, which users can use just like WhatsApp. The signal app is user friendly as compared to other apps and due to privacy policy, it is being well-liked. Indian users will soon get some amazing features in this app. These features include chat wallpapers, animated stickers, etc. According to the reports, the safety of the signal is better than Whatsapp.