The New Legends of Monkey is a Japanese show, called in the West as Monkey Magic, or sometimes just as Monkey. It is notorious for its corny dubbing, which ironically contributed to it becoming a cult hit in the English-speaking planet, each The Telegraph. Monkey ran for 2 seasons in Japan, then re-ran in English syndication for many years afterward. It was name-checked in Spaced, the TV series which saw Edgar Wright team up with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The New Legends of Monkey is place to possibly outlast the series that prompted it. Although a third year has yet to be declared, season 2 ended on a cliffhanger. This implies that at least creative employees have faith the series is going to be renewed.

 The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3: Release Date

With the world plunging into an emergency wit the COVID pandemic, all productions got halted. Most television shows and movies got stopped midway, since the chances of becoming infected with the virus were very high. However, New Zealand has come out of it victorious, therefore we assume the productions will restart anytime soon.

The show released first in the year 2018 and then the second season released in 2020, just a couple of days back. So presuming the pattern, we can not anticipate to see season 3 before 2022. The show Production will officially announce if they come to know anything. Guess we’ll have to wait!

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3 Plot

When the wicked queen Hakuru becomes resurrected in the previous season, we could forecast that something new will happen in another season. There will be plenty of realistic fights happening involving the King group along with also the Quen group. Hopefully, we’ll get to learn some more details regarding the Monkey King. The direction is as exceptional as it can be, and they’ll continue to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3 Cast

  • Emilie Cocquerel as God Sandy
  • Chai Hansen as Monkey King
  • Lucaine Buchanan as Buddhist monk Tripitaka
  • Josh Thomson as God Pigsy

The New Legends Of Monkey Season 3 Trailer

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