The negotiation to take Arkadiusz Milik to Atletico de Madrid has been broken. Napoli has informed the player and his representatives this morning that they have rejected the offers received these days for the mattress and Marseille because they are too low and that there is no room to negotiate. De Laurentiis maintains his question of principle and will accept only 15 million euros to dispense with the forward.

The only team available to invest that amount in January is Fiorentina

A solution ruled out by the player, which in June will be free and already has several top offers on the table. Juventus, Roma, and Atletico de Madrid themselves are willing to sign him as a free agent but not to negotiate with the Azzurra entity which does not lower its claims and today announced to the forward that it will continue with this position until the end of the winter market.

Between Naples and the former Ajax in addition a lawsuit for image rights is pending the club asks him 1 million euros for the advertising of a restaurant in Poland and several month’s salaries. Atleti for their part will now focus on finding a low-cost solution for their forward or possibly a loan. In the last hours in this sense there has been talking of Willian Jose’s.