The mother of blues ‘ is now available on Netflix, which is goodbye as it is the final performance of Chadwick Boseman.

The powerful drama tells the story of an evening recording session in 1920s Chicago involving the legendary “mother of the blues”, Ma Rainey, played by Viola Davis, as she wrestles with her white manager and ambitious trumpeter Levee ( Boseman).

While the story is fictional, Ma Rainey is a real singer and her music plays a significant role in the film, including the title song.

As with Netflix’s ‘ Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga Story ‘, you might be wondering if Davis is actually singing the songs he performs in the film, but we’re sorry to say that even though Davis is quite a talent, he is not singing in ‘ The mother of the blues ‘.

There is a moment when Davis is singing when he offers a short excerpt from ‘Those Dogs of Mine’ to his girlfriend. On the other hand, during the band’s performances, it is the voice of the American soul singer Maxayn Lewis that is heard.

For the music of ‘ The Mother of Blues ‘, director George C. Wolfe hired the famous saxophonist, composer, and music historian Branford Marsalis, who immersed himself in the music of Ma Rainey.

Marsalis realized that his trick was to act the same way over and over again, excited to discover that ” his voice is huge, oh my gosh, it filled the room, it showed .” To convey that power, he turned to Maxayn Lewis, who began his singing career as a member of The Ikettes on the Ike & Tina Turner show.

” Mr. Marsalis had the wisdom to bring music to life in the most authentic way possible and he kept us all on track with his incredible humor, knowledge, and kindness. It is an astonishingly beautiful film. As I sang I found myself immersed in history “Lewis says.

And when it comes to the band behind Ma Rainey, we didn’t hear Chadwick Boseman, Colman Domingo, Glynn Turman, and Michael Potts, but it’s hard to tell as they all imitated the playing of the instruments perfectly.

” Before I started filming, Chadwick asked me to write the cornet fingerings so that he could learn to authentically imitate the performance. From what I have seen in other films, most actors are only interested in being like him. musician, without trying to make the performance sound convincing, “revealed Marsalis.

Domingo previously revealed that he often got into battles with his co-stars.

” The most useful, and most misleading, is that George C. Wolfe didn’t tell us how competent we had to be. So you prepare your letters and you’re ready for the task. You’re like, ‘I’m just going to learn and I’ll keep learning and what I’ll do my best until they tell me more until I get more information, ‘” he stresses.

” And then you walk into the room with your bandmates and you see everyone working on their skills and trying to be proficient. So it becomes a challenge, you challenge each other. They all go home, learn a little, come back, and want to. show off “.